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  • Brian - If you use attachments move on

    I've been shaving my own head once a week with a Wahl contour for 8 years. During that time I had 3 boys that I also cut their hair using the 1/8 and 1/4 attachment. The motor finally pooped out so I looked online and ended up with this Andis. I'm gonna make a long story short. this thing is great if your never gonna use an attachment and your only gonna use it for 5min. It is one step below horrible at cutting with attachments and it gets very very hot after about 5-10min. I'm talking 3rd degree burn hot. With my old one I could cut mine and my three boys hair all in one sitting, but with this I have to stop half way through one head just to let it cool down. This is junk and I would throw it if it was still in one piece, but it burnt my hand for the last time yesterday and I smashed this crap on my driveway.

  • momfour - Best Manuka Honey

    This is by far the best manuka honey that I have used. We have been using it on a very bad rattlesnake bite on our dog, the vet said if she survived she would probably lose her leg or have to have skin grafts, it has been 32 days and it is close to healed and so far don't see any scarring and all hair is growing back. This was a very large wound and very deep when all the dead flesh fell off.

  • Scarlett West-Spicer - Lots of good information

    I purchased this book for my mother who suffers with fibromyalgia. She has used some of the recommended remedies and is very please with the results. I have also tried some of the suggestions and found them to be very helpful.

  • Doctor Dean - All--yes, all--Roxio products suck!!!!!

    I have been using Roxio to record music and data since the days when they were called Adaptec. Then, they had the potential to be the best music-recording software ever. However, they quckly grew too huge for their crappy pants, and greedily sought to take over everything--adding photo editing, ringtones, etc., etc. Yes, they got bigger and bigger, and worse and worse at the few things they were actually once good at. Following in the footsteps of computer giant anuses like Microsoft, Adobe, and Java, they now insist on 24-7 open access to your computer, I guess in the name of "updates," which probably turns out to be selling personal data about you to everyone who wants a piece of you. Every time I try to open a Roxio product without internet connection, the software throws a big fit like an overghrown poopy baby. I just had to delete another Roxio suite because it apparently didn't like starting without internet, so the flash screen just sat their pouting in the middle of my screen. I am completely sick of Roxio, and determined not to reinstall that suite again. Their prime was way back around version 6, and everything since belongs in a dumpster. You better streamline back to what you were best at and quit trying to own the whole damn computer world, Roxio, or you may soon find yourself completely forgotten as a recording software.

  • G.S. - Wrong place for these types of reviews

    I must admit I am disappointed in some of my peers. Banter, jokes, harsh words, etc all have a place in aviation, but where they belong is in the Ready Room. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing the look on someones face when they get called out publicly, and then try to justify themselves.....the rest of the enjoyment usually results in callsigns which others can rellish in as well. What is not desirable is publicly berating someone most of you do not even know. Sure it's fun to show others your comment and prove how much better you are (think you are is more accurate) than the author, but a real Ready Room, this attack behind someone's back would be considered pussy. Send an email, professionally council this SNA, make fun to his face, but talking s*** about a book that might help others, and one you haven't even read, shows a real lack of class and professionalism. Yuck it up now, and comment about me all you want as well, but this s*** is the wrong forum. Btw, I know and have flown with the author. The intent behind this book is not necessarily the title. GFY!

  • Bikephile - guarantee they are authentic glasses from Ray-ban

    I bought this from seller" Flying Fashion" and I can guarantee they are authentic glasses from Ray-ban. If you are not sure about yours is real or not just search the youtube video about " how to tell the fake ray-ban" and it had all of the detail information about the difference between real and fake glasses. It will include the outer carton box, case, cleaning cloth, glasses itself and everything indicate the glass they sent to me is real deal, authentic Ray-ban Aviator glasses. I am very happy from this purchase and would like to purchase from this seller again.