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  • imjawatts - Best stroller ever!

    This is by far the best stroller I have ever owned. I have three boys and this is the first luxury stroller I have purchased. With all three boys, I had a mass produced travel system that I always hated! This one is so easy to use. It flips out easily and it pushes SO easily. You can easily push one handed. Baby loves that he can sit up high and look out at the world, or directly at you. Seat flips around with the push of two easy buttons. Storage basket is huge. Two small negatives: No cup holders and when folded it is still large. I drive a minivan so this is not an issue for me, but could be if I drove a small sedan. Cheaper than Bugaboo and well worth every single penny. LOVE THIS STROLLER!!

  • andrew323 - Fantastic product! I suffer from RA and have horrible ...

    Fantastic product! I suffer from RA and have horrible inflammation in my body. I tried this because years ago my OMD said that RA was related to leaky gut...

  • Jade Moonstar - An unpolished writer with some excellent information to share.

    I am a 20+ year Pagan and a writer and writing instructor, and although the grammatical errors and youthful syntax in this book made me wince at times, I thoroughly enjoyed the breezy conversational style and common sense spell knowledge this author shares with us. Their sense of ethics is solid and their basic information sound. In other words, though the book needs a little polish and sophistication, it is still worth reading, and I am looking forward to more mature works from this author.

  • Happy Dad - Really helped with brown mildew

    We had brown staining in many areas of our siding and window trim. I diluted this as instructed and sprayed on - it got rid of a significant (though not all) of the staining. I will try another application to see if it continues to lighten the staining, but overall this seems to work well.