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  • David - Great design and sharp look

    Great design and sharp look. Easy to bump, set, hit. I've played with volleyballs before that feel like a balloon or playground ball. Not with this Mikasa. Everyone that has played with this ball absolutely love it

  • H. Boggs - Not as relaxing as would I would like.

    I think some of the non-Kava ingredients act as a stimulant so it does not aid in sleep as I was hoping. NOW has always been a solid brand so I dont blame the quality of the capsules as much as the ingredients which are listed.

  • John A Fritz - Total junk; do not buy!

    This is the biggest piece of junk I have ever seen. I opened it to set it up so that my daughter could start playing with it right away on Christmas and was disappointed from the first moment it turned on. The processor is so slow that I was about ready to scream with frustration just getting it started up. After that, it took forever to do anything and I cannot imagine my lively 4 year old being interested in this thing for more than 2 minutes. The apps are unbelievably expensive as well; up to $25 for a download? Seriously? The games are really low quality graphics as well. Once I decided to return it, I also found that I can't delete her profile before sending it back. The Leapfrog instructions say to go to the parental controls, choose "edit profile" and then drag the profile to the trash can to delete. Sounds simple enough, except that there's no trash can anywhere and no controls to do anything other than change her grade level. Really? I will be speaking with Leapfrog on Monday (of course, they only have weekday hours for customer service) to see if I can get everything deleted before returning it to Amazon and buying her a Kindle, for about the same price. I'm just glad I found out about this before Christmas so that I could save my daughter extreme disappointment. Do not buy this item. I wish zero stars were available.