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  • Todd A. Daniel - Wonderful Product. I strongly advise you purchase

    So I've had the product for two weeks and I really like it. There's nothing really about them I don't like. The BIGGEST selling point is the fact that it has 8 hours of battery time!!! I purchased an inferior product twice, both of which had about 3 hours time...let's be honest, a lot of times recharging your headphones isn't always at the top of your mind...can't tell you how many times I tried to use the old pairs only to realize, they weren't recharged...these babies can go a whole week (I use at the gym mostly)! The recharge QUICK!

  • Keith A. Breedlove - Great alternative to McAfee and Symantec

    Bitdefender got high marks from It is easy to use, and MUCH MORE intuitive than McAfee (I'll never buy that software again), plus the price is right. It installs without any problem and now that I've gotten used to the safe banking application, and how to find Bitdefender again after leaving the screen to look up a password, its virtual keyboard seems to be really secure.