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    I saw mostly good reviews on this, but a lot of people were posting problems installing, getting the right link, and etc. I had the previous version of this software and have been pretty happy with it. I went to renew on the McAfee website and it was $45. I paid less than $20 on Amazon. Anyway... I was worried and felt like I might have issues, but I simply following the instructions. I went to the website, downloaded the software, and installed the software. ZERO problems. Works perfectly. People who have problems with this must be doing something wrong or simply not following instructions.

  • The Toad - This Stuff Really Works

    If you ever need a product that can solve your smoking problem let me recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" this stuff not only works for rear main (which was not my problem) it was the front seal but i had valve stem seals that leaked when i was at an idle(let's say at the fast food joint i go too)and caused smoking after a couple of minutes...it was embarassing but guess what folks....no more smoke......i highly recommend "Blue Devil Rear Main Sealer" and will be purchasing this product FOREVER now.....Happy Trails partner..

  • We can dance if we want to! - Do not waste your money

    This glorified bandage did absolutely nothing. It's not even strong enough to wear alone as a waist cincher under clothing; in fact, it seemed to make me look bigger. Complete "waist" of time and money!

  • GMurphy - Customer service is horrible. They keep you on hold for 30 to ...

    Other than lower ink costs, this printer is overpriced junk. It is very noisy. I am also waiting for my third unit in less than a year. The first 2 units paper drive systems failed. Still waiting for resolution on the third printer. The printers were bought for residential use. Average 3 or 4 pages a day. Customer service is horrible. They keep you on hold for 30 to 60 minutes hoping you will give up. Find something more reliable. This is not worth the hassle.

  • Zoe Melp - Improved complexion and hair strength

    This stuff is great for my skin and hair. After taking it for four months I have seen improvements in my otherwise troubled complexion. I have had no stomach problems taking it and find the pills easy to swallow, although they are sort of on the large side. I will continue to take these as long as this company keeps making them.