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  • lĂ©ona - The medical student's bible

    This is literally the bible for step! I highly recommend also purchasing the flashcards at USMLE-Rx; they're not your typical, traditional term and definition flashcards; the questions are well-written and provide a comprehensive review of the material in the text; I wish I had had them while moving through biochemistry and physiology as a MD1. The 2015 version is an improvement over the 2014 version; additional material has been added to the GI chapter for example. I also recommend taking the book to a brick and mortar office supply store and getting it spiral bound.

  • Amazon Customer - This is one of the best BCAA powders I have tried

    Amino acids are the essential building blocks of protein. Free-form BCAA's digest very quickly. BCAA's help you maintain energy and minimize protein breakdown. This is one of the best BCAA powders I have tried, not to mention the awesome taste. Mixes great (with water is suggested). This product works. This product will help you recover better/faster from workouts, especially when supplemented with good practices such as diet, sleep, etc.. Highly recommend this to anyone looking to help improve their performance and recovery from workouts.

  • Deanna Carew - Great Light!!

    Love this light! It's awesome, runs very cool and efficient. Only problem is it doesn't have a very good spectrum for flowering. Great cool spectrum for veg though! Definitely would recommend to a friend!

  • P. Kerns - Not particularly effective

    First of all, if you look at this closely enough, you will see that you can get the four parts for much less at any hardware store. Second, I tried it, and while there was a small dampening of the sound in my water pump, the pump was still unreasonably loud. After I struck out with this product, I installed a Sureflo Accummulator Tank, and that solved my noise problem completely. I would go ahead and put a flexible connection such as this in between your water pump and rigid pipes anyway, but just get the parts at a hardware store.