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  • reader - Good and Bad

    The camera works but the instructions are so tiny it's hard to make them out. I used a magnifying glass to read them and was able to make it work on my Android phone. However it said you can watch it remotely from the app and I have not been able to make that work. Plus, the thing gets very hot when plugged in and that mKes me nervous.

  • Ruth Smith - Great Flea Product!!

    We have been using nasty chemicals on our dogs and in our house this year that has been the worst flea infestation I have ever seen. None of these products were working and the fleas just kept getting worse and worse. We found this product after researching organic remedies for fleas. This was a GREAT find!! We are finally getting results and almost have our flea problem under control. The house smells great after treating with this product. Thank you Vets Best for a great product...I would recommend this to everyone battling those pesky fleas!! Bring on tick season we are armed now!