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  • Sneakytoes - Needs a button

    This device has no button to click with, and instead relies on a small remote that's included. The remote will not work with any of my VR software, and doesn't work well with other games. According to a video I saw, the remote is not compatible with iOS 9.2 and higher. Without the remote it's virtually useless, no pun intended

  • ForReviews from Utah - Saved My two dead 6 volt batteries in series. Origanal review spring of 2014 Update now April 2016

    This product is a Battery Saver, Read below as how bad/dead the batteries were. These battery are going on 7 years now and still charging full charge between 13.8v and 14.2v.

  • gobby148 - It did its job

    I used this product on the northern side of my home to treat moss and algae growth. I applied it per the directions and it did a good job of removing all of the green growth. It did leave my painted surfaces looking a bit dull, but those surfaces need to be repainted anyway.

  • Dr. Richard B. Brown - A big help.

    I went from Excel 2003 to Excel 2010 -- quite a difference. This author helped me catch up, and to learn how to use the old commands, which have been kept in the newest version. Thanks.