Gilde Healthcare is a venture capital and growth capital firm | Gilde Healthcare - Gilde Healthcare invests in fast growing, innovative businesses delivering better care at lower cost.

  • About Gilde Healthcare | Gilde Healthcare - Gilde Healthcare is a specialized transatlantic healthcare investor. Gilde Healthcare is organized along two business lines and invests in both innovative healthcare technology companies as well as lower mid market healthcare services companies.
  • Fysius Back Clinics - The back pain specialist | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Fysius is a chain of clinics for patients with lower-back and related pains. The treatment methods and treatment aids, such as the OriGENE device, take advantage…
  • Definiens | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Definiens is the leading provider of image analysis and data mining solutions for life sciences, tissue diagnostics and clinical digital pathology. Following Gilde's…
  • Inova Labs | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Inova Labs markets portable oxygen concentrators for patients suffering from respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). After Gilde…
  • Stepping Stones | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - Stepping Stones Home & Care operates intimate, high-quality private nursing homes. The company offers 24/7 specialized healthcare and residential services to elderly…
  • uniQure | Cases | Gilde Healthcare - uniQure is a leading gene therapy company that developed the first and only gene therapy product to receive regulatory approval in the European Union. Gene therapy…

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  • Amazon Customer - Storage capability lost entirely in two months, can't return

    In two months, for reasons I don't understand I stopped being able to put anything on the device. I bought a 64 gig sd card, set the default storage location to be the SD card, and it didn't even recognize it as a storage device. So I bought a 32 gig from another company, didn't work. I put an old 8 gig in there and I can't download the app that tells you what's eating all of your space up.

  • Kayo - Intriguing book.

    Loved this book. Think it is very fascinating to have a fantasy book based around tattoos and ink and gaining power with each tattoo received. I enjoyed this book even though questionable story line. The plot is a little unbelievable to me though in the sense that a spoiled daughter of a duke would become a savage mage killing non-stop making at times. Character development not as intricate as some of the recent books I have read but enjoyed the concept and reading the book. Was a nice deviation from typical plot lines of some of the fantasy books I have read recently. Found it a little hard to believe a king would ignore part of his land being invaded and leave it to a young girl to defend her land with the help of just a few others. And the Chamberlain to the king sends the young girl to a Temple of Death for a death tattoo. Good book for a diversion from the usual fantasy book. I did find the book captivating enough to keep reading it consistently to the end of the book.

  • Hugo Vigil - Nice tail lights.

    Nice looking tail lights but you'll have to add an LED load resistor because it affects your cruise control. Other than that, no complaints.

  • hawkeye376 - good universal design

    Mount was designed to fit just about any screw mount pattern imaginable. The parts bag had everything you could think of, and sorted into labeled compartments making it easy to find the parts you needed to use for your application. The instructions were fair, mostly pictures. I had no trouble figuring it out.