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  • Amanda - No hesitation - the best wet/dry Hardwood Floor Cleaner!

    I, like many of you, had been shopping for a hardwood floor cleaner for over a year. I knew they were expensive, and frankly I was exhausted with all of the options. So it's been me and my Swiffer WetJet for years. No longer!

  • Christopher B - Easy to assemble...IF...

    This trampoline is a very nice piece. It also is easy to assemble IF you pay carful attention to where the Door to the enclosure lines up BEFORE you attach the springs. The encolsue was pre-attaced to the jumping surface (which is nice) however the instructions we not clear as to where the door should line up. So after putting everything together and then getting ready to put the enclosure support bars on, I found that the bars did not line up with the grommets on the enclosure. I basically had to start all over... ARGH.... Christmas EVE in the rain....

  • P. Ulrich - AZO Cranberry does more than help UTI's

    I've been a long time user of AZO Standard. About a month ago, I was coming down with an upper resp. infection (which is usual for this time of year for me), at the same time I began to feel the familiar ache of an UTI developing. I began taking the AZO cranberry and the symptoms for both infections went away after a few days. Since then, I have taken it every time I feel like I am coming down with a upper resp. inf. and have avoided it. Four times I have avoided infection by taking AZO. My husband thought he was getting sick last week. I told him to take AZO for a few days and his symptoms went away. The cranberry has Vit C and a probiotic in it that I attribute my healing to. This stuff is worth the money and is cheaper than other probiotics on the market. One box of 50 is 6.47 at our Walmart, so, Amazon has the best deal.