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  • Alex Camh - Be aware, scam

    This phone is a mess. I used to love the first months but now I don't have any signal( I tried 3 conpanies already) and is heaing up and freezing and starting the phone. Also my fingerprins don't work. I can't believe amazon is selling fake phones or damaged phones

  • caitlin - Super Honey that cures all. No really.

    This honey. Where to begin? It is AMAZING. I have given this to my friends with the bacteria H. Pylori, acid reflux, and stomach discomfort. Each and every one of them loves it and swears by it. Is it expensive ? Oh goodness, yes. Does it work? A resounding YES. Is it worth it? 100% YES! This product is so good, and the taste is so delicious, it is simply worth every single penny. It has a color of liquid gold, smells somewhat minty, and is extremely viscous. This honey is only found in the top hills of New Zealand where the manuka plant grows, and the huge bees that fly up at that elevation, giving a world renown quality and flavor that is so unique, I promise you, you will not regret trying this out. As a longtime Amazon customer, I rely on reviews from the Amazon community when making buying decisions. That being said, I only believe in giving honest and unbiased reviews. If this review was helpful to you in any way please click below.

  • Master Po - Great show, minus the political commentary.

    I heard part of this on PBS and bought it. Great show...except for the political commentary from Graham Nash. But hey, they are CSN, many of their songs are/were politically motivated so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

  • G. Gray - More effective than the cheap stuff.

    We only initially bought this because the Dollar Tree was out of their rash cream, which my husband and I always assumed was totally adequate. But when we ran out of this and only brought the remains of a tiny dollar tube, lo and behold, my son's rash came back. Bought another jar of Balmex, and the rash was gone.

  • Brew Review - Also noticeable is magnesium which I find is underutilized and really helps promote cognitive functions and increasing a good ni

    Nootropics are cognitive enhancers use to help improve our wellbeing by increased memory, mood and mental capabilities. I don’t drink coffee in the morning to get me going and I find energy drinks to contain way to much sugar for my liking. I much rather take a nootropic pill with a bit of water and food and help get the day started right.