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  • Steve - Great product!

    I am a huge fan of Choline Bitartrate mainly because I take other supplements in my stack that interact well with it such as various Nootropics like Piracetam. The product shipped very fast and is a quality product.

  • Kelley Kat - Works great, without a doubt.

    Many years ago I hired the Fleabusters company to treat my whole house for $100 and a one-year flea free guarantee. They came in with giant push broom type gadgets that worked their powder into the carpet fibers. I was skeptical, as it seemed to be an unsolvable problem. But they made a believer out of me. It was incredible to be relieved of the horror of sharing space and pets with fleas.

  • Zemin Hu - Nice review book

    I bought this book for my son for a quick review. He did some (not all) of the practice tests in the book for a week, and took the GRE test a week ago, he got perfect score for QR part and 93% on VR part, no score for AW yet. I trust this is good book.