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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands


    An amazing little unit, works great for what i use it for, being in construction temperatures and wind speeds are important to have available, especially if there is any Crane work involved and or concrete work. Super unit has an outer shell that protects it from bumps and well and is quite accurate on windspeeds and temps.

  • Arve Kvaloey - Interesting start

    A quick read and exiting, as long as it is read as a high not historical fantasy. I struggeled in the beginning with a "roman" army using sergeant, lieutentant and captain, instead of the proper roman officers rank, but then i discovered elfs and dwarfes and paladins as well...

  • Saisha V. Soto - Keeps hair under control, but a bit drying

    This leave in conditioner smells delicious, almost like a pina colada. It does a good job at keeping my dry poofy hair under control, but I find that it leaves my hair a bit dried out. Nothing too horrible, but I am still looking for that perfect leave-in and this is not it.

  • William C. Elliott - Good Product

    I have used Kaspersky Internet Security for years and have never had a problem. I just install it and forget about it. I like being able to install it on up to three PCs, and I don't have to buy Anti-Virus software separately; it's included with this product. Also a great price. I plan to renew my Kaspersky subscription every year -- if it's not broke . . . .

  • John - Works incredible.

    I bought this at the local Advanced Auto. By far the best remover I've ever used and will probably never use another type again.

  • Epic - Not the same product...

    I purchased this product as it was a great value. However, I agree with some of the other customers who question whether it is the same product or a fake. My previous tube of Shadow Insurance that I purchased from a beauty store worked well and kept my oily eyelids from creasing and my eyeshadow stayed on. This one is a different color and consistency and after two hours of wear my eyeshadow and eye liner is gone! It is too late to get a full refund (I think) but I am disappointed to say the least and won't use this vendor again.