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  • Giggles - Clean

    Really balances everything out in my area and truly makes me comfortable to be sexy and flirty around my husband all times of the day. I just wish it didn't cost so much, but I suppose it's worth the comfortable feeling I have everyday.

  • Vanessa - Affordable and Quality

    These filters are way more affordable than the name brand, but same, if not better, quality. The speed at which my water is dispensed is amazing. These will definitely be my go to filters.

  • James - A MUST OWN for any Ghostbusters fan!

    If you are even a slight fan of the Ghosbusters films, video game or animated series then this is a MUST OWN for you! This series is as close as Ghostbusters fans will most likely ever come to a quality sequel. When you're reading the book you can hear the voices of Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis in your head. The writer absolutely nails the personalities of all the Ghostbusters characters and the art is PERFECT! Its a great mix of the animated series with a modern spin and features the characters looking more movie accurate than in the cartoon (no blond rat tail for Egon)

  • Matt - Great product!

    Easy install on my 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. Looks a lot better than the stock antenna. Now I can easily clear garages, car washes, and drive-thru's. Reception seems just as good as the stock antenna.

  • Larry Norris Jr - I purchased a group of items to add to one ...

    I purchased a group of items to add to one of my kits. Needed a flashlight, rechargeable batteries and a way to charge them. Saw these on a YouTube channel and decided to change from my regular line of products. They arrived, charged the batteries up and they were ready to go.

  • Amazon Customer - Fake Yetis!!

    These are not true Yeti ramblers. They came from China which is known for its knock-offs and these weigh 14 oz when empty. My older Yeti rambler weighs almost 17 oz empty and the Yeti website says the 30 oz rambler should weigh 16 oz empty. I ordered two of these and they are noticeably lighter even before putting them on my digital food scale. They may work well if you're ok with a fake. There is also a YouTube video on spotting fakes by the labels and these fit the bill for the knock-off version. If you want the real Yeti rambler Do Not Buy This One!!