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  • Peter T. Szymonik - Best Garden Hose on the Market

    This is easily the best garden hose I've ever owned. Very flexible but strong, almost never kinks, I can see getting years of use out of this one. Also note that Amazon's pricing is about $30-40 less than you'll see in many catalogs carrying the same hose.

  • Josh - I like the harness

    I like the harness. Did what it was suppose to but I had to rewire it a bit. The light in the switch would stay on when connected to the battery directly, even if the car was off. And if you connected it to a parking light so that it would turn off when the car was off the wire would have too much current and get too hot. So I had to rewire the lightbar power from the battery and the light in the switch to the parking lights. All can be done via this harness and just took a little time to think it though but it works now

  • Gina - Great TV!

    I love this tv. Reading all the reviews made me a bit nervous because some were very picky. But the price is good and the picture is outstanding. There were complaints about the remote that do not make sense. It works perfectly fine. You can also use a universal remote if you prefer.