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  • Hertz - Great design, maybe a little bit improvement

    The design for the coins holder are very good. Only one thing to mention, when I put the coin inside the hole, I can see both sides. But there is a problem with this: the tail looks perfect, but the head, looks upside down. I know it's the problem of the coin. But maybe you guys can figure out a way to make it work!

  • Honest Abe - Acronis Delivers

    I've used Acronis in the past and have never had a problem with it.In fact it's always preformed wonderfully.After reading many of the negative reviews though,quite frankly I was kind of scared to upgrade to Acronis 2010.I did however and haven't regretted it.Acronis 2010 does everything it says it will and with no problems whatsoever.It's truely a great product.Once again Acronis delivers!

  • G. Saputra - Great songs for a fantastic price!

    The price just couldn't be matched and I had to get it. The kids totally love dancing to the music in here like: what does the fox say? Or let it go. This would have been okay at $39.99 but at $19.99 it's a total steal