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  • mommyof3 - These are great

    I needed the "right" b12 supplement according to my doctor and was unable to find anything in stores. I decided to give this a chance and am so glad that I did. I'm not a big vitamin person and honestly struggle to take even these daily. But, these are simple and taste great which makes these the most likely vitamin I would ever take! You don't need water to swallow them, the cherry flavored tablet simply melts in your mouth. I would say the closest thing to this would be sucking on a smarties candy (though those are smaller/harder in consistency). If you need a b12 supplement this is certainly worth a try, especially if you're proned to forgetting, as it is easy to take without the need for water!

  • David Flanagan - Neigh! Neigh I say!!!

    As a serial bestial polygamist (married to several Arabian stallions and a shedfull of iguanas), I must register my offense at this horrific manifesto. While I have deeply enjoyed the sensual delights of all manner of species, both mammalian and reptilian, I can say with nearly 100% confidence that I have never in my existence engaged in any illicit sexual congress with a human of my own gender. That would be disgusting. To suggest that somehow man-on-man love is the gateway to a sublime encounter with a croc or a burmese python is absolutely false, and deeply offensive to those of us in "the lifestyle."

  • msw8ing - serves its purpose

    It's a checkbook register. Nothing more, nothing less. The rows & columns are unusually small so it makes it a little difficult to write entries but again, serves its purpose, def NOT for sight impaired persons!

  • Brian Frederick - Easy to use Bluetooth speaker

    Received this speaker to provide an honest review. I have a JBL Charge and love that speaker. have been looking for another Bluetooth speaker that I can take camping and not worry about it getting wet. The JBL definitely provides better sound, but this unit from Vtin is pretty good. Sound is a bit more tinny, but it feels more durable than the JBL. As far as functionality, pairing with my phone, was very simple. The buttons on the top allow for you to change songs and volume without having your phone or tablet handy. I currently have speaker about 20 feet from my phone and have not experienced any drops. This will be a great little speaker to take camping or other trips and throw in your suitcase. So far I'm happy with it and would recommend to anyone who wants a Bluetooth speaker.

  • Casey LB - You have to understand that reviews for things like supplements are extremely subjective

    You have to understand that reviews for things like supplements are extremely subjective. Keeping that in mind, I have to review it as one star based on how it worked for me.

  • Snoopy - Book not in top shape

    I ordered this book to study for my upcoming tests/boards. For the amount of money you have to pay for a "new" book...you would think it would be in the best of shape. It doesn't mean it has to be in shrink wrap, but no bent or torn covers and pages would be a great start. Not too thrilled with the purchase as their are several torn pages and the covers have been bent; not even looks like anyone bothered to lay the cover back our flat after bending it. I've ordered several things from Amazon before and never had an issue until this last year with my purchases. Not sure what is going on with that. If you order a "new" item, then it should be "new" when you receive it and not look like someone has already had hay-day with it. Dissatisfied.

  • Fake Name - Fits great, looks great

    Installation was very simple and I haven't had any problems with it. The color matches my black 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.