HOW TO WIN FREE SKINS CS GO WEAPON - Free CS:GO skins - New functionality: After hitting an enemy, the next Holy Light Heals for an additional 50 Blessed Champion Q New functionality: After casting Holy Light, all Basic Attacks for 5 seconds will Heal Uther and all nearby allies for 20 of the amount Healed by Holy Light. Arthas Abilities Adaptation R Time before Heal activates reduced from 5 to 4 seconds Talents Level 1 Enduring Swarm W Increased Spell Resistance from 25 to 50 Primal Aggression W Also increases the duration of Dark Swarm by 0. Talents Level 4 Third Wind Trait Base Heal effect increased from 2 to 3 maximum Health per second Critical Heal effect increased from 4 to 6 maximum Health per second Developer Comments: The Dwarf Toss changes are very likely going to spur a lot of conversation, Uther knows it did in our bullpen.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • ethan - The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised ...

    The game is fine. I just never got the pre-order bonuses promised by the advertisement, the Hellfighter pack and the pre-order exclusive Playstation theme. Pretty disappointing.

  • Mainuh - Helpful for determining level, but needs refinement.

    Overall works well at what it's designed to do. Installed in our 41' diesel pusher. It's very helpful finding level and does a good job. I have 2 complaints however, realizing this is probably "version 1" of this that we received. 1. Battery life is extremely short and no easy way to power it off 12vdc readily available in the coach. Already gone through (2) 2032 batteries in about 6 weeks. 2. Setting this up to connect bluetooth to 3 devices was a real pain in the butt. 1st one connected fine, but 2nd and 3rd device would not connect without removing the battery and replacing 1 addition time for each device. Duh... put a reset button on so I don't have to pry out the battery for each new device!. So my suggestions to these guys are allow an external power source or a larger longer lasting battery type! 2-3 weeks per battery then having to remove 4 screws and pry out the old one stinks! and put a reset button on the thing so we don't have to remove the battery each time we want to add a new device. Other than that, it's a really helpful tool in parking and setting up to know to .25" your level status at all 4 corners. Great concept... just needs some polishing on the apple.

  • woodi48 - A complimenting pair for me.

    I get one of these along with the 'Astronomical Calendar' from my wife as a Christmas staple every year. Would be badly disappointed if I didn't, and I'm 67years old! I play a little game with my self with this calendar. As first and last moon quarters are fairly obvious, as are the gibbous views, I always look for the exact full moon time for my EST location. Catching the "first and last slivers" of the new waxing moon, and fading old moon, respectively, is part of it also. Just something to do for an old guy, I guess. The "Astronomical Calendar' is usually over 70 pages of text, diagrams, sky maps, and monthly celestial event information. Love 'em both.