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  • Fred - It is far more than just vitamins

    I've bought and used this stuff for some time. However, I went and looked at the users who have rated this poorly here and am astounding with the comments. The most common: "It tasted bad". Well duh, it's not a fruit drink. "It didn't give me energy". Well duh, it's NOT speed. "It was very expensive for vitamins". And here's the crux, it is not just vitamins. This is a also an amino acid blend with a boat load of trace minerals that you don't get in any other supplements. That's why this is expensive. It's the trace minerals. And finally, I see comments that Joel Wallach is a quack and not a real doctor; that he's just a veterinarian. He has degrees in animal husbandry, agriculture, is a veterinarian, and says hes degreed from a Naturopathic school. That's more education than 99.99% of you people LOL. so yeah, go ahead back to your fluoride water, your BPA and hormone additives, your antibiotic tainted meats... I'll stick with Wallach's supplement before I stick with any of your diets.

  • Raymond Vegter - Unfortunately I live in a hilly, urban area. ...

    Unfortunately I live in a hilly, urban area. The antenna does not work in my area at all. Back to scraping the garage door.

  • Cins11 - BEST Natural pH balanced feminine spray!

    I have very sensitive skin, and this feminine spray is wonderful! It helps keep my *bits* fresh, clean, and never irritates. This product is on my go-to favorites list!

  • valpip - Great book

    My son used this book for a class in high school. It was very helpful and very well written. He said it was easy to follow.

  • Sanjay - It's a nice book

    I loved the book and I was very pleased to have the greatest app of all the books l would just like to say a very nice book only a thing to say AMAZING!!!!!!

  • P. Fox - This product is easy to use and doesn't take much time at all

    This product is easy to use and doesn't take much time at all. One thing the instructions do not tell you is that if you polish one nail and are too slow in polishing the others, the polish "pools" into the center of the nails previously painted, so you have to repair them before you go in the LED dryer. So, I did two fingers at a time and got great results. I was done in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

  • Kevinaces - Beware, the Activation Code blues...

    Once installed HR Block asks for an activation code, which is nicely provided as your "Product ID" and appears immediately below your order. I hope I can save some users the time I wasted scouring my orders for an activation code, and finally finding the answer in the Amazon FAQ. Other than this Amazon issue, I have always used HR Block, (aka TaxCut), and continue to come back each year.