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  • Christy - Works amazing and looks so nice in the kitchen!

    I got this pepper/salt grinder for my husband because he is the one that does all the cooking in our family and he was saying that he needed one. I thought I would surprise him and order one but I came across so many I did not know which one would be a good one. Some of the reviews on some were not that great so i kept looking. I found this one and the reviews looked really good and it was a great price for our budget so I thought I would give it a try and see how he likes it. I ordered it right away and ended up getting a great discount on it when I was checking out. I was really excited to get it in the mail so I could show my husband. I know its something small but it is the thought that counts right?!! It shipped really fast and came in the mail just a few days later. It was very well packaged and boxed so it did not break. I was really thankful for that. It did not have a scratch on it. I gave it to my husband right away and he loved it. He said it was exactly what he was wanting and that I did a good job picking it out. Total wife win right there. Now he is happy and has just what he was wanting. Thank you for a great product. It works amazing and looks so nice in our kitchen. I highly recommend this pepper/salt grinder. It is well worth every penny!

  • Daniel Baird - Disappointing First Impressions

    First impression...Registration during installation is Garbage (the installer has registration fields built-in). The installer doesn't allow you to tab between fields, or copy and paste into them (ie License Keys and Addresses.) And trying to submit the registration threw an error, so after a frustrating three pages of entering registration info, moving between fields with my cursor, it was all in vein as I had to start again. Sorry Intuit, you had your chance to capture my info so you can bombard me with worthless offers for payroll, checks, and loans.