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  • Howard L. Sheppard - works great with my iPhone 5!

    After reading so many negative reviews on this headset from folks with iPhone 5's I was very hesitant to order this. Not that I'm afraid to update the firmware but because I only have Apple computers in the house and the firmware will not work on a Mac.

  • Craig Helenbart - A good book and start of a series.

    A good story to start a series about space exploration and a possible interstellar war while aboard an alien starship. It introduced the main characters and how they got to be there. This book is similar to others, but with a few new twists. There were a few places where I thought the story did not follow a logical or reasonable course (which is why I only gave it four stars), but otherwise I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book about a person who gets put into a position of leadership, makes some mistakes, and then tries to correct them and save the day. I would recommend this book to you.

  • androclus - Works great, solid, nice fit.

    Very reliable, feels solid in hand, good fit. I've had a couple other models before, but this is my favorite so far. Good labeling (white text on dark background: thoughtful!) of key, too. I also like the rubber curved sides. Feels good in the hand. Thank you

  • David Fussell - Startup aggrevation

    CD loaded okay, but program stopped on the registration page. There was no next button. I had to go to the NOLO website and hunt for a way to proceed. I finally found a patch and was able to move on. I haven't started on the will, but I completed the power of attorney and health directives with relative ease. Hopefully the will software will be similar. Reason for two stars is the startup hassle.

  • Shanie - Just dance!!

    This has to be by far my most favorite one of the series! It has a ton of songs I just love!!! The dances are a lot of fun and my kids love to do the ghostbusters dance!