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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.6449 Kansas, United States

  • Adam - The absolute must-have for every Nerf arsenal

    This is by far my foremost favorite Nerf gun. After purchasing a few Nerf weapons this past Christmas, I found that my children - all girls! - got the Nerf bug. After daily wars throughout the house, I realized we'd need at least one more to accommodate all of us warriors. I headed back to Toys R Us to secure another Jolt gun, when I stumbled upon this one. I'd never seen it before and hadn't seen any reviews, but for the price (under $8, similar to the Jolt), I couldn't pass it up!

  • Tom Hagedorn - The product is great!!

    The product taste GREAT and I like there is hardly any sugar. I am diabetic and its something I can use compared to over the counter powder products. I choose to put fresh fruit into the shake instead of the flavor packs. It is filling and I dont get hungry. Read the lable and see how nutritional in comparison. The only reason I havent lost weight is because I dont stick with it like I should. Its my fault not the product.My brother-in-law has lost 4o lbs on it so I need to get busy and get serious before the Holidays hit!! What I like most is I ordered 2 bags and didnt have to get on a monthly set up with a distributor. Ive done that before and would have 10 bags of product . I am glad I can order at my own speed and have faith Im on my way to weight loss.I highly reccomend this to any one wanting a weight loss.thanks TOM

  • NMamzlver - Best way I have found to add caffeine to any drink I have already or not caffienated, awesome for those who cant drink coffee...

    I have always wanted to add caffeine to kool aid after having surgery where I am not supposed to be drinking carbonated drinks. I love these sticks and have been looking all over for a way to add caffeine to any drink that I may be drinking. This is it, it has no flavor, calories or negative taste. It doesn't really add a flavor to your drink. This allows me to caffeinate water and now I can. I bought some powdered caffeine about a year ago but because it's poisonous and I really don't know how much to use, it's been sitting in my cabinet with me wishing I could find a way to use it. Now I found something even better a medium releasing stir stick that allows caffeine to be added to just about any drink without adding nasty flavor or any other thing that would be detrimental to any one using it. I Love these sticks and will be purchasing more of them, I guarantee it.

  • TheAmazonComment - DON'T BUNDLE WITH "Strategies, Practice, & Review"

    This book is great. It's helping a lot so far. I'll test later this year. Preparing early. I accidentally purchased this with the "NCLEX-RN 2015-2016, Strategies, Practice, & Review" not realizing they were the same book. Only difference between them is that the PREMIER version has extra practice test material. Other than that... they're word for word the exact same. Wish i had noticed that before buying the other version of the book. Oops.

  • Jessica Robinson - Great value and product!

    VERY good value if you are looking for a treadmill. We've owned 2 other Proform treadmills and have been very pleased. Has all the basics I wanted for a treadmill. Well put together, good quality. Folds up for storage. Nothing terribly fancy, but does have a few different exercise settings you might love. This comes flat in a big box, in a few large pieces. You must assemble yourself! But that was pretty easy to do. Took about 1 hour.