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  • Robert McArthur - Highly recommended.

    The only problem I have with John Sandford's novels is that it is too long a wait until the next one is published. This latest effort returns to Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension investigator Virgil "that Eff'n" Flowers. Flowers is tasked by his bosses to recover some property taken in a very unique and unusual heist. Unfortunately, Flowers doesn't have much help, is working against a very tight deadline, and is under heavy pressure from the public and the press to get results. Eventually, the theft turns to murder when the criminal "mastermind" disposes of several accomplices to elude capture. Along the way, we meet Flower's new girlfriend Frankie, Frankie's sister Sparkle, and Sparkle's part time Catholic priest boyfriend. Also involved are a Chinese millionaire, his jealous and greedy son, and a family of small time Armenian criminals with an interesting sense of honor and obligation. Last but not least we have a parade of eccentrics in the business of selling alternative medicines. All of this eventually fits together in a startling conclusion. This book has a lighter tone than some of Sandford's previous books and it makes for a pleasant change. Highly recommended.

  • Jeff Goeke - Perfect fit. Awesome value!

    Easy to install once I lined it up. A very easy DIY project and a nice savings from the original manufacturer parts. Fit perfectly on my 2014 Honda CR-V.

  • mark george - better than spending 400 for an oil leak fix

    I had a serious oil leak in my 2002 Honda causing a very bad smell coming from the engine. the guys at goodyear said oh that'll be 300-400 to fix the gaskets causing the leak. I said sure but I wont be fixing it today. since im not an idiot with my money I began to look for oil leak fixes that wouldn't bankrupt me. this product has been a Godsend so far. I poured in the entire bottle and its been like night and day. the odor is 95% gone. now I am continuing to monitor my engine for leaks and bad odors but so far, so good.

  • Jenny - These pedals look awesome on my husband's Mongoose mountain bike

    These pedals look awesome on my husband's Mongoose mountain bike. They are very sturdy and offer stability when shoes are slippery with the grooved edges. I'm very impressed with the look and style of these bicycle pedals and I would highly recommend.

  • Laurdess Valentino - Tend-er- burn :)

    I have used this stuff for about a week now, I am only sad I didn't find it earlier in my life. I use it as directed and that means soak a cotton ball and dab on. I do find that if I dab in very small areas - as in one cotton ball dab at a time (instead of pouring it in my hand and basically dumping it all over the freshly shaven area) that it cuts the amount of burn. It DOES burn. Just like aftershave- or steptic power. I give this 5 stars because It DOES work. Here is the bad- it burns. And it smells like straight up rubbing Alcohol and cost WAY too much for what the ingredients are. But the key.... It does work like a champ. No bumps, ingrown hairs or razor burn and I have used it daily on my bikini area. I have noticed the burn is starting to dim down the liinger I use it.

  • judygolf - very disappointed

    I am very disappointed with the overall fun of this card game. I purchased to update my Hoyle Card Games 2008. I find the animation characters not as fun/funny as Hoyles plus the instructions for some of the games ie Hand and Foot are not correct according to others I have played. Had problems installing on new computer and received no help when I called and emailed Reel Deal support nor would they exchange or at least give me some $credit for new one. By the time I discovered these concerns I was not able to return. I will not purchase any software games put out by "Phantom" again!

  • Mark Tercha - Very pleased with product.

    This is a great product. Had a little problem getting to the one connector in my ford edge, but after some contortions of my hands, and help from a guy who used to install dashes for a living, the installation was easy. Set up was simple. Watched the videos on line and unit was up in running in less than 5 minutes after install. I can't say anything bad about this unit at all. I'm very happy to get into a cool car in the summer and will be even happier to not have to go out and start my car in the cold mornings.