IHA - Leading Multi-Specialty Medical Group Practice for Southeast Michigan - Find a primary care physician, specialty care and urgent care from IHA, southeast Michigan's leading not-for-profit multi-specialty physician group.

  • http://ihacares.com/about-iha-2/contact-iha IHA - Contact - You can contact IHA by email or by phone at 734.995.2950. Email responses will be given as soon as possible and generally within 1 - 2 business days.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/family-medicine IHA - Family Medicine - Find comprehensive care for your entire family. IHA's Family Practice covers a wide range of ailments and conditions, common and uncommon.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/internal-medicine IHA - Internal Medicine - Looking for preventive health services? IHA physicians offer specialized care for and patients with acute and chronic multi-system diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/nurse-midwifery IHA - Nurse-Midwifery - Find an experienced midwife from IHA. Our nurse midwives practice evidence-based medicine in comprehensive women’s health care.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/obstetrics IHA - Obstetrics - Find an obstetrician in southeast Michigan. IHA OB/GYNs provide the highest level of obstetrical care possible.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/gynecology IHA - Gynecology - Find an obstetrician in Southeast Michigan. IHA OB/GYNs provide the highest level of gynecological care possible.
  • http://ihacares.com/primary-care-2/pediatrics IHA - Pediatrics - Get top pediatric care from an IHA physician. From newborns to teenagers, IHA's pediatric services are some of the most advanced in Michigan.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/cardiovascular-surgery IHA - Cardiovascular Surgery - IHA cardiovascular surgeons are highly-trained specialists who perform many different types of operations to repair damage caused by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/colon-rectal-surgery IHA - Colon & Rectal Surgery - IHA colon and rectal surgeons treat benign and malignant conditions, perform routine screening examinations and surgically treat problems when necessary.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/dermatologic-surgery IHA - Dermatologic Surgery - IHA Dermatologic Surgery Consultants is a full service dermatological surgery practice specializing in Mohs micrographic surgery, melanoma excision and advanced reconstruction.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/dermatology IHA - Dermatology - Find a board-certified IHA dermatologist in southeast Michigan. Our expert dermatologists care for every age group, and is focused on each individual’s needs.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/general-surgery IHA - General Surgery - At IHA, our general surgeons are trained to diagnose your problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment in coordination with a patient’s primary care physician.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/hematology-oncology IHA - Hematology / Oncology - Need specialty care in southeast Michigan? IHA provides the top care available, including hematology and oncology services.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/infectious-diseases IHA - Infectious Diseases - Looking for an infectious disease specialist? IHA can provide you with an expert physician that can diagnose and treat a range of infectious diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/maternal-fetal-medicine IHA - Maternal-Fetal Medicine - IHA Maternal-Fetal Medicine is dedicated to treating women with high risk pregnancies to provide a healthy life for mothers and babies.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/neurology IHA - Neurology - Find a neurologist in your area. IHA provides physicians that specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/pulmonary-critical-care IHA - Pulmonary & Critical Care - Find pulmonary and critical care in southeast Michigan. IHA physician are experts at evaluating and treating diseases.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/sleep-medicine IHA - Sleep Medicine - Get specialized care for sleep disorders from IHA. Our expert physicians diagnose and treat a wide range of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, snoring, and insomnia.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/thoracic-surgery IHA - Thoracic Surgery - Find a thoracic surgeon in southeast Michigan. IHA’s expert surgeons can treat diseases of the lungs, esophagus, chest wall, and mediastinum.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/urology IHA - Urology - Looking for a urologist in southeast Michigan? IHA physicians are specially trained, and can expertly diagnose and treat all urological conditions.
  • http://ihacares.com/specialty-care-2/vascular-endovascular-surgery IHA - Vascular & Endovascular Surgery - Find a surgeon who specializes in vascular surgery. IHA’s expert surgeons provide comprehensive care to patients with vascular disease.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/iha-extended-care-services IHA - Extended Care Services - IHA Extended Care Services is comprised of a team of experienced physicians and nurse practitioners who treat patients in short-term, long-term and assisted living facilities.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/hospital-medicine IHA - Hospital Medicine - IHA hospitalists provide personalized, specialized care for patients during their time in the hospital.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/imaging-services IHA - Imaging Services - IHA and our expertly trained and accredited staff offer southeastern Michigan a complete array of medical diagnostic services.
  • http://ihacares.com/additional-healthcare-services-2/lactation-consultants IHA - Lactation Consultants - IHA provides the best care before, during, and after your baby is born. Our lactation consultants offer the support and education you need during this period.

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  • Amazon Customer - We've used it for many years and glad they update it

    Helps very much when traveling to locate anything we need. We've used it for many years and glad they update it. Wouldn't travel without it.

  • Shirley Weng - Great but the mall stole my moneys

    I see some people saying it's watery and such. The guy at the mall immediately opened it once I purchased it and said he had to let the air out. I am assuming this is what causes it to become more of a gel like substance. He was extremely insistent and enthusiastic. He made it seem like he was hiding the "discount" he was giving me, from his boss who was walking around. He said it was 80$ but then he pulls out a calculator and shows me $39.99! And woe is me I forgot to check trust amazon and I fell for it. He also charged me for the moisturizer despite me telling him to only charge me for the facial peeling first, since I wasn't not sure my card was at it's limit. He saw that I had mastercard and said they have some deal with mastercard and gave me another discount on the moisturizer after he showed me the price it would pull up oh the computer. Obviously they didn't have a deal with master card, and they were just willing to say anything to get you to buy the product. On the other hand, it really isn't that bad. Just extremely over priced in malls. The people who sell it, namely the guy I had the misfortune of encountering, are so sus.

  • BigJloree - Works great!

    We use this product in our tornado shelter and it works excellent. Pulls a ton of moisture out of the air and keeps things dry. Have also used in my boat storage compartments. I always have an extra tub on hand but have started buying from our local Walmart because the price is the same. I highly recommend this product.

  • J. Han - Some Helpful Tips

    I love Biosilk. To be honest, Biosilk is more like a hair polisher than a "leave in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment" as it says on the bottle. I have thick coarse wavy hair and I purchased this product to help prevent split ends and frizz. I've been using Biosilk for years and here are some helpful suggestions for those who wish to purchase:

  • Adam L. Treadway - Most AMAZING HDMI cable ever!

    It's two way input comes with an undocumented feature. I bought this cable and took it with me to a hotel room with my laptop. Plugged one end into my laptop and the other into the TV, thinking I'd watch a few movies before I had to continue on with my crippled excuse for a life.

  • Benjamin Petty - This antenna is exactly what I wanted/expected

    Love this antenna. The reception is worse than OEM antenna but better than nothing on the vehicle. Since I live about 40 miles from the broadcast towers in my area, the loss of reception was to be expected. This is not indicative of this particular antenna, but of shorter mast non-amplified antennas as a whole. The quality of the CravenSpeed antenna is top notch. It is completely metal with a powder coat finish, it looks as though it will last longer than the vehicle. Also, FWIW Anytime I am within about 20-30mile range, the reception is crystal clear.