Interferon Treatment Side Effects - Interferon treatment has side effects worse than the hepatitis c the drug is intended to cure makers of interferon know this please read our drug studies.

  • The Hepatitis C Trust Post-Treatment Survey - The Hepatitis C Trust held a web-based survey from April 2006 to September 2007 that asked about people’s experience of anti-viral hepatitis C treatment and in particular how they felt up to 3 years after finishing the treatment.

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  • gr8ful - Doesn't prevent or even slow hair growth.

    I have used Tria in the past. When that device broke I decided to try Silk'n. I have used it for a year now. There is a lingering burning sensation after using this on the highest setting, but no noticeable decline in hair growth. It just doesn't work, especially when compared to the great results of the Tria. If it actually worked, the larger treatment area of the Silk'n would be a huge plus. If Tria comes out with a device with a larger treatment area, I will bite the bullet and buy a Tria again.

  • Nancy A Reed - Great Product...

    This set comes with three very valuable sizes 8", 10" or 12", the reason I say valuable sizes is these are the most commonly used in the kitchen and normally they don’t come in a set for this price. They have a nice thick metal handle and are extremely sturdy. I love having three sizes to choose from depending on if I am scrambling eggs or whisking hot cocoa. They are perfect for whisking pancake mix with no bending or breaking at all. The wires are positioned perfectly to make it easy to mix everything. I love that there is a 100% lifetime money back guarantee - no questions asked forever, that matters to me. I also liked that they are dishwasher safe and that you are able to hang these to save counter space.I am thrilled to have this set. Now I can retire the junk whisk that has the bent wire and never worked well to begin with.

  • jrose - Good stuff, strong smell of cedar.

    This stuff works. I bought it to relieve itching from bites on my 2 large dogs - one 7months and one 11 years. The dogs would be attacked by mosquitos and other biting insects while tromping through the long grass and the marsh. Definitely seems to repel biting bugs and soothe prior bites/itchy skin. There is a strong cedar scent that lingers after application. I've also noticed that sandy soils tend to cling to their coats more easily when this has been recently applied. This doesn't bother me, but it might be a deal breaker if someone doesn't want dirt/dust tracked inside with the dog.

  • dominos hi - Not what I expected

    I didn't think this book would be any good. But to my surprise I loved it. I could not put it down for the life of me. It had me hooked on the first chapter. I wish it was a longer book but I am now on my way to reading the second book. I would highly recommend this book.