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  • Mark D. Hornbogen - Looking for 1000mg but taking what I can get otherwise 5 stars!

    1000 mg capsules are really scarce and being ridiculously over-priced because of it. I want the 1000not really the 500 - I take enough pills! But I will buy these if I have to. The Twinlab product is the best Niacin available. Purpose is good for many reasons, but I buy it to stimulate brain function. (It does work but you need 4-5 grams / day.)

  • Nicoleu - It's about Tyme someone made this product!!

    Reading through the negative reviews, I almost didn't buy a tyme iron. So glad I did though!! Yes, it took a little bit of time to learn how to use it, but I watched the videos on the website and got the hang of it. They also offer face time sessions for free for those that can't figure this out on their own. Also, this didn't burn my hair and I can't figure out why/how others are having this problem. I get perfect curls that last until the next day, or I can use it as a straighter. Love, love, love my tyme iron! Now I'm experimenting and making different kind of curls...I love that you can make different looks with it!!

  • cityguy - QuickBooks is HORRIBLE!!!

    QuickBooks is simply ABYSMAL!!! Practically anything that you try to do in QuickBooks require some cumbersome procedure that seems very inefficient. Its clunky interface and workflow is counterintuitive and restrictive. It feels like you're working with an out-of-date program from the 90's. To make matters worse, QuickBooks is constantly plagued with inexplicable glitches and compatibility issues. I've reluctantly been using this piece of garbage for ten long years only because it's the software of choice for accountants, but I don't give a rat's behind anymore. It's just not worth the time and aggravation. DON'T BE DUPED!!! Time is money, and you will lose a ton of time managing your books with this piece of garbage!

  • simmentalover - I love the program

    I love the program, although I STILL cannot figure out how to build the roof, and the engineers didn't like it, so I still had to hire an architect, but this program has defiantly helped me plan for all areas of the home! I liked it so much I bought another year of it. I was able to send it to the architect for him to build from. I never could get it to send well through email though.