Ivy Child International - Ivy Child International, our mission is helping each child achieve their best by recognizing and enhancing their unique strengths and abilities while

  • http://ivychild.org/about-us/ About Ivy Child International | Ivy Child International - Ivy Child is a non-profit organization providing cross-cultural positive psychological services for children, families, and communities worldwide.
  • http://ivychild.org/about-us/positive-psychology/ Positive Psychology Ivy Child International | Ivy Child International - I Positive psychology is a shift from the traditional study of disturbing experiences suffered in life to the study of all that makes life worth living.
  • http://ivychild.org/institute/ Institute Ivy Child International. | Ivy Child International - All of Ivy Child International’s trainings, consultations, and assessments are customized to meet the specific needs of the child, families, educators,
  • http://ivychild.org/institute/leadership-training-institute/ Leadership and Training Institute Ivy Child International | Ivy Child International - Ivy Child has developed an array of learning-based curricula and workshops for leadership and training for children and young people, through personal
  • http://ivychild.org/institute/fellowship/ Fellowship Ivy child International | Ivy Child International - Ivy Child International is training a new generation of researchers in positive psychology through our research fellowship. We are committed to ongoing learning
  • http://ivychild.org/programs/youth-ambassador-program/ Youth Ambassador Program Ivy child International | Ivy Child International - Ivy Child International believes that every person can make a difference regardless of age and this belief is the reason Ivy Child is offering an

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