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  • EchoFiveHotel - It works amazingly well.

    I've used Caboki and a few of the other brands and this one is the one I like the best. Not because it is magically better, but because the color is true to its description and the bottle it comes in is slimmer making application easier. I use this stuff everyday and it stands up to quite a lot of abuse. Just dust it in, use the smooth side of a plastic cap to help it settle farther down the hair shaft.....I use an old Caboki cap.....,use some hair spray after each dusting to lock that round down, and use a comb to remove any excess from your forehead or where ever you don't want it. It's an art form that you continuously improve at. One tip is to use a smooth plastic cap. Just use the smooth part and gllide it on your hair....without touching your scalp....to get the dust to settle better. It works to make it look more realistic. Using this in conjunction with a good sollid hair spray has allowed me to go swimming, go to a water park or two, sweat my a$$ off in the summer, sleep, and what not without losing much....if any...at all. I recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair, but if you are strait bald in a spot then it will be extremely difficult to impossible to get it to work. Just to be honest. So I figure that in ten years when my hairs completely gone from kids and stress then I'll have to just accept the fact that I'm bald and own it. Remember Bald is beautiful, but it can wait.

  • C. Lu - Bad quality product!

    I found the product Light RElief on TV and bought it via the phone. I was excited that I finally found something, which could help me to release the pain However, after I used it few times within two weeks, the product was broken. Meanwhile, I also found I was charged for their automatic monthly delivery of the Joint Support supplement, for which I never authorized them to do so. With my bank's help, it took me three month to stop them to deliver the unwanted supplements. It was a bad experience and wasted a lot of my time.

  • Steadyeddie - Avoid and read the fine print in the free offer

    I took this over a month and saw no positive effects (did not loose a lb.) and returned the us-used portions and am having problems getting my money back. Avoid and read the fine print in the free offer.

  • MarsTwain - Good for days when you can't get to the gym

    I am one of those people that hates going to the gym so for days when I can't get myself out of the house, I picked this up. It's better than nothing but be warned that it's really not much of a workout. You can get moving on it and the speed and level of exercise is really up to how fast you move and how much you attenuate muscles while moving but since it's a glider, there is no resistance at all. You won't break a sweat on this, elliptical users: unless you're really hammering out a run, which it's a little too lightweight to feel safe doing, it doesn't get the heart rate up the way a bike or elliptical with resistance does. Still, if you aren't doing anything else, it'll at least get you off the couch and it really does fold up tiny. I live in a minute apartment and it fits behind the TV stand against a wall. Open and in use, it takes up about the space of a double bed, maximum. Not a bad unit but again, not going to make you huff and puff.