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  • Justin Randall - Keeps my drink cold

    Keeps ice in it all day at work which is about 12 hours including the commute. Was worried there might be a metallic taste when using it with water, but that was not the case. Water tastes great out of it, even with the metal straw. Excellent product.

  • MikeInWeston - VERY solid with good mounting options - fits "rare" 600 x 400 MM VESA

    This product is very well packaged and designed. It came on time overnight for the one day shipping option for a very nominal charge. The box is compact and solid. The product is heavy and best installed by two people, but I did it alone (I'm tall but not particularly strong). Out of the box the joints are tight but as you work with it to install they loosen up so by the time it is mounted everything works smoothly. Getting the TV on the rack is definitely a two (or more) person job. Mine is an old plasma weighing about 70 pounds but it doesn't even shake. It comes with all the mounting hardware for a variety of walls, spacers and different size bolts for various TV VESA mounts. It even has an extra HDMI cable although it is not necessary.

  • jason & stephennie price - Great Practice!

    I was quite impressed with this study guide. It doesn't mess about and gets straight to the point. I would prefer to read this guide that's put together without fluff, three or four times, without having to wade through unnecessarily flowery chapter introductions and conclusions I've seen in other guides. I just need to ace this test. The beginning of the guide also offers and equally terse, yet helpful, general test taking guide and list of tricks and pitfalls built into the HESI A2.

  • Anonymous - This software is getting worse every year!

    This is by far the worst word processing software with so many bugs. Auto formating never works the way it's supposed to and I spent more time fixing things instead of typing. Microsoft should refund the money for selling the worst software on earth!!

  • CD music collector - This is an excellent Excel Training Class!

    This is great if you need to learn Excell. It is a great course package and does the job of teaching you. I would highly recommend it!

  • S. Maxey - After Today's Data Breach, Adobe Needs to Start Issuing These Cards Again Immediately

    This is a review of the prepay card system rather than a review of the Creative Cloud service per se. The reason: Like many, I had doubts about "renting" the software rather than buying it. But that was outweighed by the increased number of products I had access to and continual updates.

  • Steve51-12 - Fit Great!

    Other than the packaging being beat up the racks fit PERFECTLY! Our canoe is easy to load, and they are adjustable. Take you rtime installing as "Front" is not labeled, but the racks definitely have a FRONT and REAR.