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  • Sheri - LOVE this phone case

    LOVE this phone case! The lighting really enhances photos. You can adjust the level of lighting which is great too. It is durable and you can charge your device and phone case at the same time without removing the case. Highly recommend!

  • nnelg - No benefit

    I bought this based on the reasonable reviews it had received but have used it for about 3 months now, with no noticeable effect. Would return the balance if I could but I'm past the return window. If you have had nail fungus for a while, and it's fairly advanced, save your money.

  • Rainy - Best stuff ever

    Best stuff ever! Incredibly easy to use and LOVE how it dries in minutes. Can't believe I never heard of Restore -A-Finish before until a friend of mine who restores antiques for a living told me to use it instead of spending countless hours sanding. Found an old sewing table from the 50's that I couldn't live without but was hesitant on restoring it because it was pretty banged up. Used Restore-A-Finish and within 15 minutes the sewing table literally look brand new. Like I said, best stuff ever.