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  • Marge E. Fauver - No Go for Me

    This was recommended by my doctor but I don't like it as well as the other brand Triple Cream. This is very stiff and thick, hard to put on, hard to remove.

  • Donna - Tried and true product !!!!

    Love Balmex !! Have used it for 35. + years. Good for any rash, including jock rash states my Husband. It's action is soothing and it forms a breathable barrier on the skin, so it's great for use on baby's and also for any adult moisture pron areas. I'm a retired nurse and mother, I highly recommend this product and Amazon has the best price at this time !!

  • jz5188 - It works like Charm, Inspection Passed! Yoho!!!!!

    I got my year2000 lexus es300 check engine light (CEL) on and code is P0420, the car got 185K miles already, my inspection is coming, What I do? change a OEM catalyst converter cost me $2000. Check amazon reviews, I got this one and poured it in base on instruction. Did not work for the first 10 miles with 1/4 tank, CEL back again. After refilled the gas tank, I deleted the CEL but it back on again after 50 miles, I deleted again then it back after 100 miles. I gave up and even want to buy all parts(O2 sensors and catalyst converter), but finally it works after 150 miles, Code P0420 are gone and CEL never back on. I went to MVC and Passed inspection, Binggo! Now it is more than 200 miles and still no light on.

  • Amazon Customer - A big let down.

    I really like the agenda cover;however the pages inside were not the Family Plus style that was showed in the photos and as described in the title. Very disappointed. I searched for hours to find exactly what I wanted and was so excited when I found it only to be let down when I received it.

  • Shelby - good stuff

    This is some good stuff .. I don't work out like I used to but it's good for a 12 hr shift when I don't feel like drinking coffee. I can feel it working, but it's not overwhelming unless I'm being fairly active at my job (lifting, walking briskly etc) When I was taking this regularly, it was helping me lose weight faster with diet and exercise. Just firmed me up real nice, I need to get back to that!

  • Caparoso - Perfect for a home basement

    Does the job. Perfect for a home basement. Easy to put together if you have a socket wrench. Light enough to be easily moved into a corner or a closet for storage. However there is a small amount of wobble when it's loaded with weight. It's listed max capacity is 390, I believe. I wouldn't want to test that. If I ever work up to that weight, I think I'd hit the market again.

  • MollyD - Not very supportive or super cute, but they'll work.

    I didn't like these shoes as much as I wanted to. They look and feel cheap and are not supportive at all. I bought them for a trip to San Francisco because I knew I'd be walking several miles every day and wanted something that was more stylish than gym shoes and wouldn't take up a ton of room in my luggage. These were OK. They felt thin and the Asics stripe is basically just like a sticker on the side of the fabric, so it looked cheap too. I would definitely not pay more than $30-40 for these. The sizing is consistent with Asics' athletic shoes. I wear a 10 in normal shoes (vans, converse, ballet flats) and a 10.5 in my Asics gym shoes; I got a 10.5 in these and they were great.