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  • Shusaku Endo - Fun book but not how those born in the 80s remember it...

    My children enjoyed reading the book (young teenager and under 11). It has nice picture and is more of a coffee table book than a dictionary style book that I remembered. I'm not sure if there is another book out there that is more Webster Thesaurus style with indexed records and paperback size, but would like one if it exists.

  • Margaret Pico - I am in love with this product

    I am in love with this product. I first heard about this on the news one day and was like hmm. I knew that I needed help in the weight loss department and what this was supposed to do sounded awesome. Let me tell you I am so glade that I ordered this product and recieved it through Nature Wise. After doing research there company had the best reputation and the best ingredients. So I ordered. I also am combining this product with Nature Wise Green Coffee Bean Extract. FIRST in three weeks i have lost 10 pounds. 2nd I am not getting those sugar cravings and I am not hungry all the time Awesome. 3RD I am sleeping better then I have my entire life 4th I have more energy. This has really been helping me. I have also started eating healthier and working out. I see nature wise as a partner to a healthier me.

  • Jennifer Bailey - These are the best quality products around

    These are the best quality products around, period. Non gmo, vegan, organic, no fillers. Those that complain about the taste it's because your body is too acidic and this is one reason why you should continue with it! It's pure greens and once u get the toxins out of your body, and cleanse your palette, it will taste different after a few days. And it's encouraged to eat the flex foods so you don't feel ill, weak, etc..but then again if you are unhealthy it's natural.when the toxins are getting out of your body. If your hungry, eat more veggies, it's simple. Yeah, it is really low calorie but you are burning only fat and not muscle hence the dramatic weightloss, and the hope is now that your body and palette are cleansed after 10 days you will start eating real food vs going back to old habits:) i would not by on amazon, you need support from a real distributor who can.coach you and offer modifications as needed.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Album

    This is one of Heart's best albums, besides Dreamboat Annie. Very easy to download and play on all my devices.