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  • Amazon Customer - vendor shipped product quickly. My opinion is that this ...

    vendor shipped product quickly. My opinion is that this model does not work near as well as one of the "bat wing" style RV antenna's. Works well within city boundries..

  • Lilies & Laughs - Not the best, but not the worst either....

    I've had better deep conditioners, but this one works well enough. I think I'll stick with my Kiehls Argan Oil deep conditioner. I have a lot of thick, curly hair though, so it's tough to condition.

  • Becks - Pretty decent

    I workout 5x a week. My first three days taking this, I lost 7lbs. The only thing that sucks is I was still hungry. I feel like I ended up eating more than I usually do. It was hard not to eat after I took my shake. The reason I gave it four stars was because I defenitely see the results I want to see. My muscle definition is starting to show and I can definitely see the difference. The only reason I didn't give this product five stars was because of how hungry I still was after having the shake. I think if I can fight off the hunger pains and not eat, I'll see a big difference.

  • jasmansr - Less for More

    Security badly orchestrated. Database program NOT included. As always, Excel is supreme, and Word continues to be excessively controlled and monitored using options that, as usual, can not be located, i.e.. initial caps. Also, spending over a hundred in late 2014 what was available in 2011 is way excessive.