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  • Brad Cecile - Good product - Fit well - But be careful when ...

    Good product - Fit well - But be careful when screwing in because it is very easy to strip the screws. The last screw only went in about 3/4 of the way becuase it had completely stripped.

  • BB-LOI - It's critical that you have a good installer. As example my installer setup a recirculation ...

    I've had this unit for just about 2 years. It's critical that you have a good installer. As example my installer setup a recirculation line but left the settings to internal, so line was never used. Needs to be set to external if your using seperate recirc line.

  • Paprodigy - Great At Home Use, Very Easy Too Use

    Amazing at home use. I decided too give this At home White N' Bright - Deluxe 3D At Home Teeth Whitening Kit, A try because we all know how much a dentist visit can be just for a cleaning. And I must say great job on the ease of use, Seems like I had an easier time cleaning my own teeth then any dentist has ever had. Unless they make it seem like a hard job just too charge me a lot for just a cleaning. But it's so simple. And yes of course there is kinda of a nasty taste. But no way unbearable, when I go too the dentist I don't really like it. I would rather not go. And I have found an easier cheaper solution too my worries. It seems like they made my teeth a shade or two lighter. I will keep better before and after for myself next use. I am amazed at how easy and painless it was. I will be looking too get more of these kits in my future. Now here are some things they state about this product, Removes years worth of stains for a white smile in just a few treatments. Same dental-grade formula used by thousands of dentists across the US and Europe. Far more effective than other whitening options as this customized solution comes with trays that perfectly mold to your mouth, ensuring whitening exactly where you want it.

  • Tammy - Burn and itch my scalp very sad customer

    I will never buy this product again especially the shampoo it burn my scalp turn it red and very itch. I've use different shampoo in past and never had this bad reaction be for. I've use alter ego products for several years and truly like it but this shampoo need to but check to make sure it's not outdated.

  • J. VanDerBeck - Spare me.

    So, a female esthetician (read: not a doctor) noticed her lady-bits were fading, and invented vagina dye.

  • Dustin Sponsler - Waiting on eggshells

    I received an e-mail message last week from a Mr. Engleson that I won the Nigerian lottery with winnings exceeding 13 million smackeroos. I gave them my bank account info, but couldn't wait after I saw this baby! I pulled my retirement and purchased 2 this morning. Who needs retirement after 13 million? Anyway, I am so excited and can't wait until the T.V. and my lotto cash come! I'll let you know what I find out about the T.V. After I try it out.

  • Melissa Barnett - Great Product!!!

    I was very surprised and happy with the size of this package! I expected something small, like a surprise box with one small oil treatment in it. Instead this large box with a big pack of the oil treatments arrived, and I was delighted! In a household with 2 adult females, 2 teenage females and 1 pre-teen female, we go through a lot of hair stuff! Both adults tried this treatment and got good results.