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  • KMac - I like this because it is easy to use - it ...

    I like this because it is easy to use - it comes with a dropper that has a measurement line which I have not seen on other brands. I like that it has the measurement line because it makes it easy to know how much to use, and other brands you just have to guess. I felt a little tingle on my scalp where the treatment was applied. So far I have been using for about a week and while I haven't noticed any regrowth yet (it is too soon to start noticing that) I have noticed that I am not losing as much hair. There is less and less hair in my drain after a shower and I haven't been noticing a lot of hair in my hair brush like i used to see. I will have to keep using this to see if my hair starts to grow back.

  • Katie S - NEW (and not improved) Chemical Smell! Plus, lower quality than before

    These diapers arrived Feb 2015, and I was just opening them last week. They smelled very chemical-y as soon as I opened the clear plastic packaging that surrounds them. This has not happened to me before, and I have used pampers swaddlers since the beginning. I was very disappointed. I proceeded with caution, and put the diaper on my baby. After strapping the diaper on, I was adjusting the diaper to make sure it was in place, i.e. pulling the "wings" out and the wing ripped. That has never happened to me. Of course the red flags and irrational mother thoughts came racing through my mind ("Alert, Alert! Made in China! Bad Chemicals! My baby!!!!"). After reading the recent reviews, it appears that quality and smell is a consistent issue and that it is a result of Pampers changing the product. Thanks a lot Pampers. Now I am going to research the Honest Company.

  • tori-of-the-horde - Im super sensitive to these kinds of pills

    Im surprised that these pills work so well!! Im super sensitive to these kinds of pills. I don't feel like im going to climb the walls with them and they help curb your appetite. Great pick me up!! . Just needed a little help with loosing some weight. I would purchase again!

  • Michelle - Hate Pads and Tampons, this is a Great Alternative

    I have not used pads or tampons for many years thanks to this product. I am not squeamish about my body so this product is perfect. I put it on before I leave and remove it when I am in the privacy of my own home (95%) of the time. I cannot tell that it is in and it is comfortable to wear. I don't associate smell with it either unlike a pad or tampon, and I don't have to worry about public disposal like a pad or tampon. I have worn it for all occasions and have been using it for at least 6 years. It is very useful and handy. Also it is less expensive than pad/tampons (for me) in the long run. I buy one box it last 2 cycles. Also I have it as subscribe and save, so they get delivered to my house.