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  • Shelly Dushkin - Perfect Shape!

    Thank you very much for the used books that are provided through Amazone. My book is in like-new condition and I look forward to get busy using it. Thank you!

  • GingkoGirl - I like it, but...

    I've been starting my mornings with kapha tea lately, and this one is very good. The flavor leaves a nice warming "buzz" of spice on my tongue. Having it in tea bag form makes my mornings less hectic(vs. pulverizing fresh ginger, grinding whole spices, etc.) And I like supporting the company that produces it. The down side? My local supermarket carries a kapha-like tea (similar spices) that is less expensive and just as flavorful/effective. You can also order it directly from Maharishi Ayurveda and the shipping charge is much less. I may buy this tea again, but I won't order it through Amazon.

  • Vbgcgirl - Do not believe the hype- here OR the malls!

    This cream is worth the cost on amazon. If you get accosted by anyone working at the Vivo/Premier kiosk at the mall- just turn the other way. It is extremly overpriced there. I'm from Long Island and he tried to sell it to my for $150, with the day cream for $130. They will try to squeeze as much from you and try to make