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  • Amazon Customer - Used and broken

    I bought this Xbox for my boyfriends birthday and upon receiving it in the mail, the Amazon box was in perfect condition, but the Xbox box itself was all scratched up. I opened it and nothing looked damaged. When he plugged in and turned on the Xbox, it worked perfectly, or so we thought. We quickly learned that it was used, despite the fact that no where was I notified that this was a used console. Then, when trying to play a game, the disc drive sounded like a wood chipper when opening/closing and the disc would not read.

  • Shanda - Soft, cuddly, very cute!

    We got two of these free as part of a promotion when we ordered a certain amount of toys on amazon. These are so soft and cuddly and cute. I was happily surprised! I figured since they were free they wouldn't be very good quality, but they are. Very cute bears!

  • Douglas B. Petty - WS 2011 Blu Ray

    Good Blu Ray video. A short high light of the 2011 world series. I wish they had spent a little more time on game 6 ( it was a gem). Over all a good buy compared to other vendors.

  • Glenn A Fellin - For me this product did absolutely ziltcho

    I saw the advertisements and was excited to try this product. The instructions say to take two tablets 30 minutes before each meal with water. The bottles that I purchased have 30 tablets and are around $10 per bottle. That means each bottle will last 5 days. (If you eat three meals per day. Five days, times six pills per day.) So I bought four bottles for what I though would be a good three week test.

  • Amazon Customer - You cannot spend better than this product

    I've read the supposed "chefs" that have reviewed on this site about this product and let me tell you something as a former Cutco rep, user, cook, and family of users: this brand stands the test of time. Period. All this talk about the processes for the steel is non-sense and a red herring from the main issue: do they stay sharp. The answer is--they do. Parents have had their Homemaker set for nearly twenty years now, use it for the family every holiday/birthday/cooked meal and they are still spic-and-span sharp from both a performance and aesthetic perspective. Keep in mind when I handed these knives to them, they were skeptical and my step-father deliberately misused them for every stupid job around the house just to say the paring knife broke when he used it for a screw driver and had to crank to make the tip snap. Despite all the ignorant abuse they have taken--and there are more stories to tell--these knives still cut fantastic. You simply cannot spend better money than on these knives. I have plans to send the knives back for sharpening/refurbishing. The forever guarantee is real too--the company does use it when called upon (its mostly for abuse than anything, that's why they had to change the replacement for abuse policy over the years from "no cost" to "half cost" because there are a lot of ignoramuses who like to ruin it for everyone else.)

  • dreamersav - Not sure

    I got the Chocolate shake and Tropical one. And boy I found it to be so yuck! I could not stand the chocolate shake at all. It does not taste like chocolate. Tropical juice is alright. I can bear that for a bit. I actually gave up on the whole 9 days thing. I tried. Here's a suggestion for the chocolate one that I tried- Blend in bananas with the shake. It helps a little bit with the taste. it going to take me more then 9 days to to this. Next time I'll try the Vanilla.

  • Gomez - Item is made for thin persons

    Sorry but I am a 46 waist and wanted to slim my waist, this item does not fit. It should have been more flexible to larger persons.