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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • puglover1120 - Great for travel!!

    I have 1 year old twins and we bought two of these for when we move to Germany in a couple months. We heard it is not child friendly there and restaurants do not supply high chairs for children. Anyway we tested these out on a trip to San Antonio this past weekend. They were great!! Everyone else at the hotel had to hold their baby on their lap at the hotel breakfast area and we were free to eat! We have 2 bibs in each storage compartment along with 2 spoons. The storage is very helpful. You could also stick a diaper and some wipes in there, and a disposeable place mat if you want. The buckle strap holds the child in very well.Our twins were very happy to be up at the table instead of farther away with a high chair and tray too. They hooked on to every table we were at, at the hotel and restaurants, and we also use them at our kitchen table. People were amazed at the easy fold up and attached storage bag they couldnt believe their eyes! We were so prepared and other people werent! We just packed them up easily and threw them over our shoulders with the shoulder strap and off we went. I am extremely happy with this product!!I recommend to everyone who comments about it so far!

  • vasquez - Solid as a TX unit. Truly supports aptx low latency!

    This product has excellent TX capabilities. I paired it with brightechs aptx low latency tx/rx unit (in rx mode) and sound was clear and quality was excellent CD like. I burned through a ton of TX and rx units and I found these two were the best. Highly recommend this combo.

  • Peter DeGroot - Fair amount of wind noise but easy to take off and put on when needed

    Installing these was a snap thanks to the helpful reviews explaining the process from Scott and others. (The instructions that come with them are still completely inadequate, although my bars were at least labeled Front and Back.) In use, I am disappointed with the amount of wind noise above 60 mph, especially when there is nothing on the rack. I made sure that the fatter edge was installed facing the front and even tried reversing them to the "wrong" position, but the wind noise persisted. They are installed on a 2014 Grand Cherokee. It has a sunroof, which may or may not make a difference. Anyway, they are easy to put on and take off, a 10 minute job once you get the hang of it, so I just put them on for the fairly infrequent occasions when I need them.

  • Delphine Desmedt - Orogold cheating!

    another story on the Orogold Scam!! I was in the London shop last week (Kensington High Street), actually more forced into the shop than wanting to go in there myself. To make a long story short: after having repeatedly said that I do not want to buy any kind of products (prices are just CRAZY), the guy in the shop, the so called shop owner, made me an offer that in the end I accepted: one facial creme for £ 50. He probably must have thought how stupid I am to even believe him, and this is how I feel afterwards too: I came home, and realized that the nice bag and wrapping of the box were just EMPTY. As a customer, you just feel so violated, you can' believe how this can happen.

  • Lyndon edwards - very poor

    Very poor machine. Hooked it up, turned the tension knob, I guess too far the one way, it released from the spring and there is absolutely no way to get the spring hooked back up to the knob. We tried to take it apart however that proved to be not as easy as it should be.

  • danny - Yes yes yes

    Fresh clean lasts more than a week well worth the money will only use summers eve douche if I run out of these the douche plus the jelly applicator is the best combination for a healthy va jay jay because you flush it out with the douch than the jelly is to balance your ph just try it!!!!