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  • olcbus - Somethings difinitely wrong with these products!

    I've always been skeptical about purchasing health & beauty products such as teeth whitening strips online and now I see why. I've always purchased them from Wal-Mart and they've worked fine. So this time I decided to try purchasing them here since they were much cheaper. Now I see why they're cheaper; they don't work.

  • But I'm feeling much better now... - They work great, but there are some things to consider.

    This is the 3rd Zippo hand warmer I've owned. The first one I bought probably 25 years ago and it is long gone, but I liked it so much I bought another one last winter and just received this one so that I can warm up two hands at once. I'm a photographer and usually have to keep my hands out of my pockets and use fingerless gloves a lot of the time. These provide a toasty place to quickly warm up my hands.

  • Satisfied Mom - Do Not use this collar on an older dog!!!!!

    I came to this collar after having months of tick infestation in my home, nothing worked. My vet suggested Seresto , said it was new and the strongest they had. I have a shepard/lab mix who is about 10 years old. This color is suppose to last about 9months and release the needed amount of medicine each month. The first couple of months it seemed to be working. As we entered the 3rd month my dog got increasing lethargic and sickly, we thought maybe it was his age, during the 4/5 month he began losing bowel control , vomiting and had episodes where he lost complete control of his hips and legs where he could not walk, It seemed he was having a stroke. He would eat from only one side of his bowl and pant constantly. I went to a new vet who ran many test and they all came fine. The only difference in his life was the collar. We weren't sure, and continued use, the next month he would go in out of these stroke episodes, he once soft hair became coarse and the hair under the collar turned gray, plus we now find live ticks on him , it was no longer working. We switched vets. She told us to immediately take if off, it was a new product , not tested well and that older dogs should never use tick/flea collars because their liver could not handle. She even refused to offer this product until she saw more proof it was okay a few years down the road. We took it off, he never had another problem, he began to look healthier , his normal coat came back and he was his normal healthy self again. I called the old vet to let them know of the issues I had, and the receptionist said, I tried it on my cat and all the hair under her collar turned gray as well. This collar may be somewhat effective for flea and ticks for the first few months, but clearly it was releasing all the product at once and not and even amount as intended - how could it ? Plus it nearly killed our beloved pet. Be forewarned if you use at all, and never use on an older cat or dog.

  • keyki421 - The First Item I Ever Had to Return An Item On Amazon

    I thought from the other reviews that this Chromebook was going to be really good, but I was wrong. After I got my Chromebook I noticed several things I did not like about it. The original internal display was tiny. Like it was extremely tiny and when I made it bigger it messed with the font of everything on the Chromebook. It was so annoying going through my Chromebook and having to change every single font. Than after two days of hardly even using it, I noticed that a horizontal line would appear through my screen at times. It would appear every time I was trying to watch a video and than after that it would appear on everything I searched. I googled what was going on and the answer I got was that my screen was failing. I am furious because now I have to go through the process of returning this item, which I have never had to do with any of my Amazon purchases EVER. This is the first time I took a chance and decided to order a computer on Amazon and it went absolutely terrible.