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  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/about/ About Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center - What is Lighthouse Recovery Institute about? A drug & alcohol treatment center in Florida specializing in gender-specific recovery. Visit our site today!
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  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/about/letter-family/ A Letter to the Family of Addiction Treatment Patients - Read this letter from Brittany Ringersen, Lighthouse's founder and CEO, to the families of those in our addiction treatment programs.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/tour/ Tour - Lighthouse Recovery Institute  - At lighthouse we want our clients feel at home and comfortable in their environment while they recover. Come take a virtual tour of our facilities!
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/about/faqs/ FAQs About Addiction Treatment at Lighthouse Recovery - Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about Lighthouse Recovery Institute and addiction treatment in general. We can all change! Learn how today!
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/certifications-2/ Lighthouse's Certifications in Drug and Alcohol Treatment - Browse some of the MANY certifications Lighthouse Recovery Institute has received in the field of addiction and recovery!
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/mens-program/ Mens Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Florida - Learn about mens drug and alcohol treatment rehab at Lighthouse Recovery Institute. Learn why we're the leaders in comprehensive, gender-specific rehab
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/womens-program/ Womens Drug and Alcohol Treatment | Addiction Rehab - Learn about our Womens Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program! Learn why we're the leaders in comprehensive, gender-specific rehab for struggling females!
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/lighthouse-recovery-family-program/ Family Program - Lighthouse Recovery Institute - We believe that addiction is truly a family disease, and that ever household member is effected. Our family program works to treat all family members. 
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/ Lighthouse Recovery Institute Speciality Services for Recovery - Our Lighthouse Specialty Services Program helps our clients achieve a much better recovery from addictions and extra support for those who need.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/diet-and-nutrition-in-rehab/ Learn about Diet and Nutrition in Rehab | South Florida - Learn about our diet and nutrition in rehab program at Lighthouse Recovery Institute today. Let us help on your road to recovery from addiction. 
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/dual-diagnosis/ Dual Diagnosis - Addiction Recovery in Florida - Dual Diagnosis is substance dependency caused by attempts to self-medicate symptoms of underlying psychological disorders. We offer help in South Florida.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/group-therapy-in-florida/ Group Therapy in Florida | Lighthouse Recovery Institute - Group therapy in Florida is a crucial component of comprehensive and lasting addiction treatment, and will be utilized far beyond inpatient rehab. 
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/relapse-prevention/ Relapse Prevention | Lighthouse Recovery Institute - Relapse prevention is a crucial component of treatment & its importance will last for the remainder of one’s sobriety. Lighthouse Recovery can help you now.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/trauma-and-addiction/ Trauma and Addiction | South Florida Drug Rehab - Find out why trauma and addiction therapy at Lighthouse Recovery will help you with your drug & alcohol addiction. Call us 1-844-I-CAN-CHANGE.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/speciality-services/yoga-and-exercise-in-recovery/ Yoga and Exercise in Recovery | South Florida Drug Rehab - Yoga and exercise in recovery have been proven to be extremely beneficial as far as addiction recovery goes, healing the mind, body, and spirit. 
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/category/addiction-articles/ Addiction Articles | Lighthouse Recovery - Addiction is a scary disease. It confuses and breeds anger and mistrust. Learn how to combat addiction with accurate and up to date information!
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/resources/womens-recovery-videos/ Video Web Series for Women in Recovery - Learn more about addiction and recovery with our weekly video! This web series brings our staff & specialists to your computer or mobile device.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/category/addiction-infographics/ Infographics | Lighthouse Recovery Institute - Lighthouse Recovery Institute Infographics section blog. Lighthouse Recovery is an addiction treatment center location in Florida.
  • http://lighthouserecoveryinstitute.com/types-of-addiction/ Types of Addiction Treated by Lighthouse Recovery Institute - There are many different types of addiction in today's world. Learn about them all! From heroin to bath salts to pseudoephedrine abuse and beyond!

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