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  • Ray O. Vac - Downhill slide of service

    I bought one of these direct from Freedompop about 1.5 years ago. At first, it usually worked on both my smartphone and my laptop, but not often enough to be dependable. Downhill from there. Buyers should know that it works only with a 4G wimax signal, not a 4G LTE signal. My house is square and deep within a 4G wimax area in Seattle--according to Freedompop's coverage map--but over the time I've had this modem, it is having a harder and harder time finding any 4G wimax signal. This is a problem everywhere I go now, and now the signal is so hard to come by that the device is pretty much useless. So either the coverage maps are wrong (and 4G wimax is getting phased out) or the device has just lost the necessary sensitivity to be practical. Doing a reset didn't help at all. I feel like I've spent so much time futzing with this and have gotten comparatively little use out of it, so it hasn't been worth the money to me. To make matters worse, customer service at Freedompop is next to impossible to access. Freedompop's other devices are tempting, but given my experience with this, I won't be buying into any of them in the near future.

  • K S. - works as promised

    These worked! My supply was basically gone, so I bought these and made sure to drink a lot of water everyday. My supply nearly tripled! I "tested" them by stopping about a month after these began working, and my supply dropped again. When I started them to see if it would increase again, they consistently worked to increase my supply!

  • froggy - Worth is for sub $20

    This game would be totally worth the purchase as a $20 steam title but as a full priced AAA title it falls flat on its face. The game is a lot of fun at first but after awhile the luster fades and it gets annoying and frustrating and all the fun goes away. Unfortunately the cons way outweighh the pros. Torchlight II which is kind of like Diablo 2.5 was made on probably 1/20th the budget and it has deeper gameplay and just more pure fun than Diablo 3. Diablo 3 took over a decade to make and had a giant budget but it falls down on all of the key categories that make a game great. There have been plenty of other reviews so I'll make it short: