Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis by Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Crystal Saltrelli is a speaker, author, and Certified Health Coach. She has helped thousands of people worldwide learn to live WELL with gastroparesis.

  • About Crystal Saltrelli, CHC | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Hi, there. I'm Crystal. I'm an author, educator, and Certified Health Coach helping people worldwide learn to live (well!) with gastroparesis... and beyond
  • Questions, Comments & Inquiries | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Questions about gastroparesis? First, be sure to check out the existing Q&As and FAQ videos as I've answered a lot of questions over the years! My email
  • Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis Group Program | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - I created the Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis Online Program to help you gain control over your symptoms, improve your quality of life, and live WELL despite
  • Class Descriptions | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - There are 12 modules in the Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis Online Program. These classes primarily focus on the self-care aspects of the gastroparesis
  • Here's What Past Participants Have to Say... | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - All comments are from previous Group Program participants and have been shared with permission.  "This program went above and beyond my expectations. As
  • LWWGP Program: Frequently Asked Questions | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Question: What is the LWWGP Online Program? The Living (Well!) with Gastroparesis (LWWGP) Online Program is a series of 12 audio classes, plus handouts,
  • Understanding & Managing Gastroparesis (Article) | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC -   This article was previously published in Digest, a publication of the UNC Center for Functional GI Disorders.  It's a great overview of the what and
  • A Little Hope Goes a Long Way: My AJG Article | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Last year, I was asked to write an article for the American Journal of Gastroenterology to share my perspective on living with gastroparesis.  Knowing the piece
  • Living Well & Getting Well: Aimee’s Story | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - There’s a common misconception that gastroparesis cannot or does not get better.  The fact is, it can and often does. I’ve received countless emails and
  • “Must-Reads” for Mind-Body Health & Healing | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - When I wrote about my normal gastric emptying study earlier this year, I also shared that understanding and working with the mind-body connection has been an
  • Personal Update: Normal Gastric Emptying! | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - This is the post I've been waiting to write since I started this blog almost seven years ago.  More than a decade after being diagnosed with idiopathic
  • FAQ: How do I manage multiple dietary requirements? | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Question   In addition to gastroparesis, I have {Celiac disease, food allergies, diabetes, SIBO, GERD, IBS, and/or another medical condition that requires
  • Gastric Stimulator: 6 Year Update | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - Links Medtronic's Gastric Electrical Stimluation Website / Enterra II Info All About the Gastric Neurostimulator: Part I {Video - grab headphones; quiet
  • Change comes from doing. Not thinking. | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - In yoga class today, we were practicing a balancing pose called Half Moon. After demonstrating the pose and talking us through the basics, the teacher said,
  • All About Gastroparesis & Pregnancy | Crystal Saltrelli, CHC - I recently mentioned that, with the release of the LWWGP Program, I've said pretty much everything I have to say about living WELL with gastroparesis. This is

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