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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Kendrick - What I'm used to

    New computer came with Adobe Elements 11 so I didn't think I'd need to get an up to date copy of this. Wrong. I didn't like Elements much. Maybe it's because I'm used to Roxio Creator, but it didn't work for me.

  • AmberMagdalynne - Not as good as Raleigh's

    I bought this for my mother as a stocking stuffer because the shipping for the Raleigh's salve was outragous. My mom says this product isn't bad but as a 50+ year Raleigh customer, wasn't totally satisfied with the alternative.

  • Creative Sponge - Great mixture of different music styles.

    It is a great mixture of the years hits. Pop, rock, alternative, rap, and country. I always buy the Grammy CDs, it is better than purchasing 15 CDs and only listing to one song on each.

  • K-Rid - Perfect for minimalist travel

    I bought this item to use as my only bag when traveling light. I like to fly discount carriers, some of which charge even for carry on bags. I usually would just use a backpack with a laptop compartment and put it under the seat in front me. The main problem with that strategy was that clothes would not stay folded and end up wrinkled. When I saw this bag, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

  • Miss K - When used as a Conditioner - the best product ever!

    I first purchased and tried out Wen, and I absolutely loved it! Then of course I happened to stumble upon this product before re-ordering Wen. The reviews were all very positive, so I took a chance. And I'm glad I did! I would have to say, there is little to perhaps no difference between "Hair One" and "Wen". Infact, unless you told me (when I was using it), I wouldn't know the difference. I have fine hair, that also has natural body, so it gets frizzy and doesn't hold well. It's a major challenge to care for and to style. Okay, so I won't say, it's just "Hair One" that helps me achieve the condition and style I aim for with my hair, it's a combination of things. But I will say, that Hair One is one of the treatments I CAN'T do without anymore! It works best (in my opinion) as a conditioner. And it's best to leave it in as long as possible (20 minutes or more is ideal). But, it still does it's thing in shorter time frames as well. Then I also use a pea size amount of it, mixed with a Protein product as a "leave in" too afterwards. And my hair condition stays gorgeous, but not too weighed down. It's the perfect balance! As for the amounts of Hair One? I just listen to my hair. Sometimes I just use a little and that seems to be enough. Other times, as I let the conditioner sit, if I feel that my hair has already absorbed much of it, I will keep adding more until my hair stops all that absorbing. The good thing about Hair One too, is it is one of the few conditioning products I've ever used, that no matter how thirsty my hair is for moisture, my hair always gets enough. And it won't make my hair more weighed down, just because I used more. Not everybody will have the same results. But this product is "one" I swear by!!

  • Liu Chang - Only good for first use...

    I'm a little disappointed with this product. When I used it for the first time, I was quite happy with its design and its quality. The only defect is the holder to be attached to ears. The design is not perfect, so when using it the earbud is not inside the ear at all. So the sound is pretty small. If you don't use the holder, the earbuds always falls out of ears when running or jumping. Well, considering the price, this is not unacceptable.

  • Thomas J. Kurpinsky - Quickbooks for Mac 3013 IS better than the Windows version, if . . .

    I have been a Quickbooks user for over 20 years. Everything I had read about the Mac version discouraged me from trying the product, In fact, I tried a copy about 5 years ago, and boy was everybody correct. The other day I saw on offer for a trial of Quickbooks Mac 2013. The complaints are that a lot of features are not available on the Mac version. I looked over the list and found that I do not use the excluded features. I removed my password from the 2009 Quickbooks Windows version, backed it up and then performed the export to Mac. Everything, I mean everything came across including memorized transactions. The only items I use that did not come over are the Memorized Reports.