Are There Any Cures for Tinnitus | Daily Living Health Tips - Tinnitus is known as a symptom in the ear which is usually characterized by the high-pitched ringing sounds. Medical doctors usually find difficulty in

  • Ways to Stop Tinnitus Naturally | Daily Living Health Tips - Have you already experienced a period wherein you feel like there is a mild ringing or sound inside your ears? This incident is known as tinnitus, which means

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  • Rose Marie Starce - Great Documentary

    It's too bad the few people who are in a position to nominate this documentary for any awards don't agree with the content. Truth can be difficult for some people. Millions watched it and learned, unfortuneately, the people who should have watched and learned didn't take the time to invest an interest in America's future. The documentary didn't change our current state of affairs, however, it still is worth your time to learn why our country is where it is today.

  • S. Goff - It didn't work for Mouse...

    I want to first say that I am a real customer - I wasn't paid to write a review and won't receive anything in exchange (there has been some speculation with this product). My cat was diagnosed last fall with hyperthyroidism by my vet via a blood test. I was given methimazole and everything was going well. About a month ago, I had her T4 levels checked, and they were right on but her kidney levels were starting to rise. The doctor was concerned. I figured it was a cross between the medicine and the dried cat food (she is very picky about food and refuses to eat canned!). I asked the "vet" on Pet Wellbeing's website about cutting the methimazole dosage in half and supplementing with Thyroid Gold. She agreed that this was a safe way to proceed. Two days in, I noticed that she was less lethargic and her coat was really shiny and beautiful. I had almost forgotten what she was like off of medicine! That didn't last, by day 4 she was curled upon the couch and refusing to eat. I quickly took action and got her off of Thyroid Gold and back onto the normal doses of methimazole. It took a week of constant hand-feeding of homemade bone broth, liquid probiotic, and water to get her back on her feet again. I am not sure what happened but she is doing much better. I go in for another blood test next month and will report back if anything strange shows up. I would have liked to have tried Thyriod Gold when I first got her diagnoses, before she was on medication, it might have been beneficial.

  • razmahtaz - returned original order but ordered two more anyway...its that good LOL

    i had the celeron version of the 2015 model. websites loaded fast and could scroll down right away...i dont like laptops where websites load and you cant scroll down til everything has loaded. the display is great, ips...great viewing angles and bright too. sound is good. keyboard felt great and premium. the laptop itself felt and looked premium, atleast to me it did...i said it did but unfortunately i returned this chromebook only because when im typing an email or document, or anything that requires typing, the mouse cursor on the screen skips all over the screen, and it ruins wat im typing...i had to go back and retype everything. the battery life after charging to 100%, i was able to get a little over 5 hours with about one hours worth of 360P youtube videos with screen at about 75% and volume at 100%. other than the mouse cursor moving all over the place when typing, this chromebook is the best ive tried (tried several other display models at local electronics store, and they dont have the ips screen like this toshiba and they were all slower when loading websites)

  • Aria T - 5/5 stars

    I ordered this case for my iPhone 6 Plus and so far so good! It fits perfectly! This is a great dual-layered case that provides a lot of protection, I try to buy dual-layer or cases with raised bezels. I do wish this case came in rose gold so it looked like my phone really looks, and I could definitely live without the apple cut-out. I think this case will have really great drop protection- but I didn't want to test it out for the purpose of a review. I was able to access all ports and buttons with no problem because the cut-outs are great. Pretty good stuff. All of this seems like a great deal to me, for $12.99 and prime shipping, I would buy this again!

  • Patricia M. - Good for the most part.

    Nice detail on a brooch, except that the point end was slightly bent. I'm not sure if it's only mine, or if anyone else had this issue.

  • Marie - Great Pen

    Bought this as a gift, so I didn't get to use it. The person I bought it for told me they were pleased as always with the Waterman products.

  • Anne - pretty good replicas shoe lace color is a little off ...

    pretty good replicas shoe lace color is a little off but overall pretty good. they dont have yezzy logo just so you know they say boost on the bottom but dont have boost material. if you try to pass these off as real anybody thats not a sneaker head or a wannabe sneaker head wil lnot notice but by looking on the inner part looking at the bottom or bending them will know