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  • Dwight - Fantastic

    I looked at several installation kits and settled on this one. My finished result is excellent. A professional couldn't have done a better job. I removed my old radio, got the install kit out, read the directions and read them again. Didn't sound to complicated. I tried my radio in the kit just to make sure it would fit and " it didn't". I won't tell you what I said. I thought we'll, I'll just have to cut the opening bigger. Then I started to look closer at the kit and I noticed an insert that could be taken out. With that insert out it fit perfect. I looked at the directions and and I couldn't find where this was mentioned. So.... To make this long story short, the directions could show a lot more examples of what and how to do things. Other than that, I wouldn't have used another kit. It is absolutely fantastic. If you use something other than this you're probably making a mistake and will not get the results you want. Super easy to install.

  • N. Trachta - Good if you want to see what multiple islands have to offer.

    I received my copy of Lonely Planet Hawaii and have to admit that I was disappointed; I'd searched for a travel guide for Hawaii and Big Island saw this one as part of the listing. Getting it I was excited until I opened it up and realized that it covered all the islands, the Big Island was only one small section, augh! Ok, not what I was totally looking for but it's what I got. The print is small with limited pictures further detracting from it. That said there is a fair amount of information on the Big Island and it will help with identifying places to go and things to see while visiting there, just not what I really wanted.

  • Leanne Venema - Loved it

    This is an easy way to compare multiple universities over many criteria that are important to parents and students alike.

  • Aaron - It would be better if they just included the update much like 2015 ...

    The compatibility with the camera of this is just horrendous. It would be better if they just included the update much like 2015 to be able to use your smartphone in place of the Move controller. No matter how much light there is in the room and however clearly I AM visible, this is the only game it refuses to work with in the series. If you can make this work or have a Move controller or something else that works for you, congrats. Otherwise, a great exercise series entry ruined by terrible tracking with it's intended peripheral.

  • Aubrey - very very easy install.

    item shipped and delivered on time! very very easy install... other people write reviews about it coming off while driving, you can easily install it loose on you bed, if you install it right it will be very tight fit. I've had it on for couple months now and water tight and has not loosened up or anything! great deal for the money! would diffidently recommend!

  • Betty Jo Cloud - Keeps colored hair looking natural.

    I am a 72 year old lady and I have been using this product for 4 years. The only problem I have is the fact I should have started using it sooner. People out in the public plus my friends, all ask How do you keep your hair so pretty and soft. May I touch it? Try it! It really works. The price on Amazon is a good price.