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  • K. Mcconnell - Scary, and thought provoking

    Understand, this is most definitely a book based on Christian values and teachings (a very good thing, especially in the world we live in today). But Christianity is not the sole focus, in fact it is far more dialed in on the American Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and how we have strayed from how we were intended to live, and protect our freedoms. I will be honest, the first half of this book had me worried, depressed, and scared for my family, friends and myself. I am very active in politics, and do plenty of research both on politicians and on issues, and frankly this book exposed things about our government, and our so called public servants that in years past would have gotten them thrown in prison for treason AND it gives you all the reference points you need to hunt up the facts yourself should you choose to do so. The solution, which I won't spoil for anyone that is thinking of reading this book, was a very pleasant surprise, and one I intend to pursue within my community. I do believe this is an important piece of writing that anyone that loves God, Country, Freedom and Family should take the time to read, and read again. Fantastic work.

  • Ava Williams - I Hate Printmaster 2012.

    It is so bad I can't even use it for what I wanted. I had Platinum 18 before and loved it but it became outdated for my computer. This new