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  • Vintage Princess - I'm sprouting a little new hair

    This is just one of multiple hair loss remedies I am using. My medication is causing the loss. I will never know which product is working but this shampoo and conditioner makes my hair feel awesome! The scent is not lovely but that washes out totally, leaving soft & shiny hair. I suppose the scent reminds me this is a serious product to help my hair. I certainly recommend these products, including the treatment bottle. That one is smaller but it's worth the effort to buy all three in the set.

  • Mick Pierson - $200 commercial

    Really disappointed in this laptop. It's size and weight harken back about a decade. The benefit of having a little memory over a net book is completely lost to the enourmous amount of junk predownloaded on Windows 10. It's basically like buying a commercial. It's incredibly frustrating to buy a laptop that is slower and has less storage space that your smartphone. I find it rediculous that HP and Microsoft are pushing their products relentlessly on a customer whose already bought one of their products. Maybe I don't want TripAdvisor, Xbox, NetFlix, Candy Crush, etc, etc, etc... It's now my computer, let me decide what I want to do with it. HP's Assistant is beyond annoying and McAfee Security is using up every last drop of space. I'm returning the item as I find no use for it over what I can do on my smart phone or tablet. And I am over this age of a company needing to know my entire life. No you can't have my locatiob, you can't acess my email, you can't have my friend list... I am beyond done with the modern day internet. I feel like social media was just a dupe to get people comfortable with sharing every last thing in life. I want my privacy back and I don't want to be harassed or marketed to every seconds of every day. Mind ur business!

  • Laura J. Hemauer - Adobe is playing the part of the bad cell phone company

    Buyer beware! If you order this product, for $20/month (1 year subscription) and then cancel it, you are on the hook for 50% of the entire "contract obligation". Adobe is playing the part of the bad cell phone company. If they can't keep you happy, they'll keep you hooked, and if they can't keep you hooked, they'll gouge you.

  • Mandy Swanson - Amazing! Total game changer.

    I never though that this contraption would be such a hit at my house! My oldest has had issues having bowel movements since he was 3 months old.... Not anymore! I must say that it has made a huge difference in my *ahem* schedule as well. Lol. I will never poo without my squatty potty again! It's even going on vacation with us. LOL

  • TL Shopper - Time-tested solution to pet stains IF you use it correctly!

    We have been using Kids 'n' Pets for years with only great results. It works particularly well to remove pet stains (and the smell).

  • Amazon Customer - It works but.....

    First of all let me just start saying this truly does work to an extent. There are some pros and cons to this product. Let me start off by saying the pros