Ron Brown'Blog - Propecia may sound like a fancy girls name but when it comes to dealing with hair loss she is definitely the Queen of hair restoration medications.

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  • Kaizer Husein - easy to use

    great product. works well within 24 hours. 2 more applications within the next 48 hours will removed the most stubborn hardest corns & callouses

  • bookgnome - Good info., but a bit daunting

    This is an excellent explanation of candida overgrowth and how it happens. However, the dietary suggestions and supplements are expensive and a bit overwhelming. It would have been nice if she had included a section of simple steps one can take to reduce sugar-dependence and tips for not having all of the necessary fresh produce, fermented foods, and supplements not break the bank.

  • G. K. Miller - Excellent coin album

    This is a high quality coin album. The design is attractive and it provides detailed information about the various national parks.

  • Jay Kime - "Shameless as always"

    "Shameless" What can I say, this series NEVER disappoints! I have never missed an episode and must say its a toss up between this show and Ray Donovan as to which is my favorite! If I did have to pick I would HAVE to go with Shameless, Frank beats Ray, but it a good fight!