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  • marge - wonderful product.

    Expedient service, wonderful product...I have been using it for 20 years, and find it to be exceptional. Good price and packaged correctly. Thanks.

  • Big Tx - Yeap, fake item.

    Total fake, but a good fake. Will give it a whirl. I'm sure for the price it is no worse than any generic. But when you compare it to a real one, you can tell, it is fake. But it is really hard to tell.

  • "Bad" Idea - A new lease on life

    For years i had wondered what little Jim (because you go there for a work out) would look like with a new and stylish hair cut. Stephan, my hair dresser, has always recommended that I get my eye brows waxed as he claims it would open up my eyes and remove 10 to 15 pounds of hair from my brow, easing strain on my neck and preventing scratching my corneas prematurely.

  • Cheryl Sparling - Absolutely perfect for my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT

    Absolutely perfect for my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT. This was very easy and programming worked flawlessly. Instructions provided are good and clear and the videos on YouTube are more than helpful. Thanks a bunch.

  • shmary - It works!

    The antenna work great. I just put it on the window and hooked it up to the TV and started searching for channels. I think if I had purchased one stronger would get more stations that are clear. I have all the local stations in my area and some that are further away.

  • Johnny Redleg - ...And this ain't all, Folks!

    Many of the comments for this Volume are clearly facetious and should be ignored. Most folks are saying this because they only bought her first book, and haven't read any further. Sonia Allison has been writing great books for singles for years, and this book barely scratches the surface of her warmth and willingness to help those who live alone. Undoubtedly, her books have helped me to survive the aftermath of my wife's alien abduction, which was so sudden she could only relay a few scant details about it in that sealed letter she taped in desperation on the bathroom mirror. For months, I would read that note over and over at nights by the light of my unused microwave. Well, sometimes after traumatic events in one's life, we need a guiding hand to pull us through--and when I tripped over this book which was propping up the short leg on my Formica coffee table, and picked it up, and began to read... I began to live again!

  • Raymond Wolters - Great essays. My wife and I liked them so ...

    Great essays. My wife and I liked them so much that we decided to purchase the eariery collection of Derb's essays for 2012. They were great, too.