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  • SuthrnCat - Dragons, space stuff, and nerds

    I want more in this world! I've reads all three of these this week and really enjoyed them. The world building is good, and although I'm not usually a fan of split perspective stories, it really works for this series. The author does a good job of switching between the characters and describing the interactions from the two perspectives. I've really enjoyed all three of these stories, and hope she has plans for more!

  • Agiel - I trust my most precious moments to PowerLead.

    My son was a blessing for our lives; he came to bring joy and happiness to us. That’s why we decided to get a Digital Video Camera to capture every single moment of joy with him so we didn’t miss anything. I got this Camcorder at a local store, first of all I got it because when I saw PowerLead on the box I knew it meant reliability, I have a few products of this brand and they have never let me down. The Images we have taken with the Camera are quite clear, the resolution and detailed of them are amazing, and the Digital Videos produced by this Camcorder are Full HD. I can’t wait to record my baby’s first steps with it. That will be awesome.

  • lovely - These reviews SMELL FISHY!!!

    Hmm, it's interesting how many of the comments here write they haven't read the book, or it's wordy, and then recommend JK Laser's books instead. LOL. Seriously? You shouldn't bad mouth one author in expectation that we're all going to run to another. I believe cramming the box as it were is dicey and lacks integrity. For that I give this guy a good review. Yeah, there's no way to not pay taxes unless you never got a social security number, or were somehow able to extract yourself from this twisted system we live in. So, it's sounding like a catchy book title, but probably untrue. You just have your own business and writeoffs and credits. Everyone's so broke now and made no money in the past 5 years how could you possibly hope to owe any taxes in 2012 anyway?

  • J. Teschmacher - Amazing bike

    This is a very solidly built balance bike. It was a little tricky adjusting the rear brake pads so that they didn't rub against the wheel and actually the brake is not necessary at this point for my 3 1/2 year old. She is 39" tall with 16" inseam and the bike is a perfect size with room to grow. I highly recommend this bike.